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Ukraine – Russia: news on the war today 7 October

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Ukraine – Russia: news on the war today 7 October

There are 226 days of war, a count that continues to pour blood. Moscow has a harsh voice: if he were to train the Ukrainians militarily, the EU would become a de facto part of the conflict. Russia’s latest warning to Kiev’s western allies targets Brussels directly. After stating that it considers the possible supply of long-range missiles to Volodymyr Zelensky’s army as a direct involvement of the US, the threats from Moscow now focus on the possible initiative of European training of Ukrainian troops, anticipated by the High Representative for foreign policy Josep Borrell. The tension remains very high, so much so that the European Parliament has warned: “The EU will prepare a response in the event of a nuclear attack”.
At the summit of the European Political Community in Prague, Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan calls for peace, but tugs at the European countries: «An equitable peace has no losers. Even the worst peace is better than war. Turkey speaks to all parties and has their trust, unfortunately some European countries prefer provocation and escalation ».
In all this, the European Council adopted new economic sanctions against Moscow – it is the eighth package – and two Russians fleeing the mobilization wanted by Putin crossed the Bering Canal by boat and reached Alaska, where they sought asylum in Use.

Kherson, the Ukrainian tank jumps on a mine and the military is targeted by enemy fire: the strenuous battle for life


Updates hour after hour

00.40 – The number of dead in the Zaporiyia missile attack on Thursday rises to 7
The death toll from Thursday’s Russian missile attacks in the city of Zaporiyia rose to seven, while another five people are missing, according to Ukrainian sources. The head of the regional military administration of Zaporiyia, Oleksandr Starukh, reported this evening in a statement published on Telegram. and the Ukrinform news agency. According to the military officer, the dismantling of the debris caused by the missiles is continuing “and then it will be possible to establish the exact number of dead and wounded”. Kirilo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the President’s Office, reported that Russia bombed downtown Zaporiyia with S-300 missiles. “The bombing was allegedly carried out by an S-300 surface-to-air missile system. The missiles fell in the center of the city, ”he wrote in a message on Telegram. Ukrainian authorities reported two missile attacks in this southern Ukrainian city and advised the population to remain in safe places. In the first attack, the Russian army fired seven rockets at residential buildings and two multi-storey buildings were destroyed.

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Here’s what happened on Monday 6 October

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