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Valentine’s Day: they love each other and work together

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Valentine’s Day: they love each other and work together

How to combine both your love life and your professional life? Are they extraterrestrials or on the contrary have they found the right balance? On this Valentine’s Day, we tried to solve the mystery with a couple from the Jura. Claude and Dominique Rudolf have worked together since 1993 within the company Rudolf Chauffage in Vicques. “As I work in a technical profession and my wife is more expert in figures, our two professions complemented each other well, working together happened rather naturally,” explains Claude Rudolf.

“However, to work together, you also have to know each other very well, accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but above all respect each other’s way of working,” adds Dominique Rudolf.

Separating professional and personal life remains a challenge for the Vicques couple: “It’s not always easy because even when we’re at home, we always talk about the business. Escaping to Valais for a few days a month allows us to completely clear our minds. »

What is the secret to not killing each other? : “Communication but above all a lot of love”, answer us the two lovers. A great way to end this interview. /cbu

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