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Why isn’t Bayer Leverkusen playing today?

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Why isn’t Bayer Leverkusen playing today?

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Europa League: Why isn’t Bayer Leverkusen playing today?

The reason why Xabi Alonso’s team is not playing today has nothing to do with a postponed date and is actually something positive. Since Leverkusen finished top of their Group H without losing any points, they are already one of eight round of 16 teams. The second-placed teams in the groups are also still in the tournament, but have to fight against the third-placed teams in the Champions League groups to advance in the intermediate round.

So while Leverkusen can still rest a bit, SC Freiburg, for example, has to play away against the French club RC Lens today. The second legs of the intermediate round will take place on February 22nd.

The round of 16 starts on March 7th.

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