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Why Serbian referees will not judge the final of the ABA League | Sports

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Why Serbian referees will not judge the final of the ABA League |  Sports

The best Serbian referees informed the ABA league that they are not available for the final matches between Partizan and Crvena zvezda.

Source: MN PRESS

Apparently, the ABA league will end this season without Serbian referees! What has been rumored for a few days now received a new kind of confirmation because none of the Serbian referees was delegated for the first three matches. final series between Partizan and Red Star. It seems that this practice will continue in the eventual fourth or fifth game, so it can be said that the Serbian referees have already finished the season in the regional competition.

By writing portal “B92” it is also clear why it happened. Four Serbian referees who are not in the competition for matches until the end of the season have submitted letters to the leaders of the ABA League in which they state the reasons for their absence. Ilija Belošević, Milivoje Jovčić, Uroš Nikolić and Uroš Obrknežević informed the regional league on time that, for various reasons, they were unable to administer justice within the stipulated time.

These are the reasons of Serbian judges:

  • Obrknežević – due to private trips, he is unable to referee until June 28, after which he is available to the League
  • Jovčić – due to rehabilitation, he cannot respond to delegations in the coming period
  • Belošević – due to a heel injury and a 20-day treatment, he is unable to referee the ABA final
  • Nikolić – announced that he is not available for trial in the ABA until the end of the season

We remind you, the final series between Partizan and Crvena zvezda starts on June 13. Then the date was determined after a lot of shifting and adjustments, because all the actors of the ABA league finals had a very busy schedule at the beginning of June.. Perhaps the only exception here is Crvena zvezda, who in the end decided to play KLS first, and only then play against Partizan, who in the meantime moved their matches due to the Euroleague and the busyness of the Belgrade Arena, but also due to the obligations of Cedevit Olimpija and the Slovenian championship. .

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