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Woman in viral video between police officer and Sijín would have ended up in hospital – People – Culture

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Woman in viral video between police officer and Sijín would have ended up in hospital – People – Culture

On the night of January 29, 2024, the Cumaral Police, Meta, responded to a call for an altercation involving two men and a woman in an apparent case of infidelity.

Through social networks, the video that would have been recorded by the woman’s husband, whom he would have found red-handed with a colleague of his belonging to the Sijín, became popular.

As the authorities previously informed EL TIEMPO, the incident did not transcend a physical attack against the woman, as was said on social networks, but rather the procedure was attended to with complete tranquility.

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There were several videos that circulated on different social networks, and after the great popularity they achieved in a few hours, the local authorities are investigating what happened. EL TIEMPO learned that one of the protagonists has been a pensioner of the National Police for several years and the another is active in Sijín.

Likewise, EL TIEMPO was able to establish that the woman who was found unfaithful to her partner sued her husband, according to the official report from the authorities:

“The woman argues that he verbally attacked her and threatened her, because according to the police, the person who was in the house with her at that time was her lover. “The uniformed man had made a video that he was going to upload to social networks to damage his reputation.”

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In the last few hours, it became known that due to the pressure generated by social networks, the alleged unfaithful woman, who has been called on social networks as ‘Sara’, would have consumed a substance to take her own life.

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EL TIEMPO spoke with the Meta Departmental Police and this institution indicated that the woman is stable, but under a reserved prognosis at the Villavicencio Departmental Hospital.
Likewise, the regional journalist known on social networks as ‘James informa’ managed to speak with the woman’s brother, and he told him: “I came from the Coffee Region, due to my sister’s problem, because the neighbors called me and they told me that they found her in the house with practically no vital signs, so they took her to the Cumaral hospital and from there they referred her to the departmental hospital.”

“So far the doctors tell us that her health status is reserved, due to the seriousness of what she took, so they are doing many studies on her and we are waiting for what the doctor tells us, because they have her with a probe and serums,” added the woman’s brother.

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