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China’s Storage Industry Maintains Good Operating Trend, Shows Increase in July

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CCTV News: China’s Storage Industry Continues to Thrive with an Increasing Storage Index

On August 2, the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released the China Storage Index for July, indicating a positive trend in the storage industry. The storage index acts as a “barometer” for the storage industry and helps gauge the inventory changes of important commodities.

In July, China’s storage index stood at 52.2%, marking a 1.5 percentage point increase from the previous month. All major sub-indices remained in the expansion range, reflecting a robust performance in business volume, facility utilization rate, ending inventory, and business activity expectations. The average inventory turnover index remained high, indicating active production and operation by warehousing enterprises. This, in turn, led to a significant increase in business volume, efficient commodity turnover, and smooth supply chain connections. Consequently, inventory levels rose.

Differentiating the varieties, the business volume of bulk commodities and consumer goods experienced a notable upturn. Notably, the business volume index of non-ferrous metals, mineral products, clothing, textiles, and other commodities saw a significant increase.

The business activity expectation index for July also demonstrated positive growth, reaching 56.4%, a 2.7 percentage point increase from the previous month. This increase places the index within the expansion range, indicating a relatively high level of prosperity. Enterprises showcased their confidence and maintained optimistic expectations for future market operations.

The national economy has witnessed continuous recovery since 2023, with improvements becoming increasingly evident. To further facilitate this recovery, the central government has proposed intensifying macro-policy regulation. Their focus lies in expanding domestic demand and have outlined 20 measures to boost consumption. Additionally, the government aims to expedite the issuance and use of special bonds by local governments, adjust real estate policies according to urban policies, and foster the development of the private economy.

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Experts believe that with the accelerated implementation of these measures and the subsequent policy effects, there is still room for growth in the demand for warehousing businesses. As a result, the warehousing industry is expected to maintain a positive operating trend in the coming months.

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