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Citizenship income, here’s how it will change in 2023. Exclusive

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Citizenship income, here’s how it will change in 2023. Exclusive

Rdc, Durigon: “Place job centers alongside job agencies”

What will be the next main news on basic income? Is it true that he will change his name?

“We are working closely with the whole government to overcome all the inefficiencies and waste that the basic income has brought with it. Together with Marina Calderone we are evaluating various hypotheses of actions, which have training, job reintegration as their primary purposes and assistance to the most fragile subjects. There will be two main strands: the welfare one which will have the municipalities as a key element, in such a way as to have frontmen in the area who will be able to better manage the resources that will be given; then that of active policies, with an allowance for employable people who will enter a training program to increase their skills and be attractive on the market.The change of pace is primarily cultural, with a view to not providing perpetual subsidies, but putting every citizen in the condition of place oneself in the world of work. We want to get out of the rhetoric whereby poverty is fought through subsidies: it is work that makes the difference ference. A radical change of perspective”.

How many billions will the State be able to recover with the reform?

“We are working in great synergy with the MEF, but it is still too early to provide an overall picture of costs. We do not work to save resources, but to offer the widest range of active labor policies. The guiding light on training and work is the maneuver efficiency, not savings”.

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