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Families – Paus insists on twelve billion euros for basic child security

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Families – Paus insists on twelve billion euros for basic child security

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Berlin (German news agency) – Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) sees no financial leeway for her planned basic child security of twelve billion euros from 2025. “12 billion euros are at the lower end of what would be needed to significantly reduce child poverty in Germany,” Paus told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (Saturday edition).

You need “a large part of the money for the inflation adjustment and the higher utilization”. But she wanted to “finally initiate a trend reversal”. “The basic child security is a paradigm shift, not only technically, but also with a clearly noticeable increase in benefits for children in poorer families,” said Paus. Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner wants to spend two to three billion euros on the project. “Even without basic child security, more would have to be spent on benefits in 2025 than in 2024. That’s simply due to inflation. The two billion that Mr. Lindner is offering are quickly gone without us having achieved any structural improvement,” said Paus. The basic child security system would have to reach the children who are already entitled to support today, but who do not take advantage of it. “If we only include these families with the child protection portal and the child protection check – which, by the way, Mr. Lindner also wants – it means additional costs of around 5 billion euros,” said Paus. To finance the project, the coalition could reduce child allowances, the Greens politician suggests. “It is absurd that wealthy families are relieved much more of the child allowance than poorer families who only receive child benefit.” She advises reducing the partial amount for care, education or training. “With the additional tax revenue, we could finance part of the basic child security system. It would be a breakthrough to finally eliminate this injustice in the system,” says Paus.


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