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In the era of sports digitalization, how to lay out a sports health track – Teller Report

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In the era of sports digitalization, how to lay out a sports health track – Teller Report

At the recent Harmony OS 3 and Huawei full-scene new product launch conference, Huawei officially released a new professional motion sensor S-TAG in China, which supports professional running posture monitoring and scientific running posture analysis. On August 8, Zhang Wei, CEO of Huawei Sports Health Corps and President of Huawei Terminal BG Smart Wearable and Sports Health Product Line, brought S-TAG to the Anta Innovation and Technology Conference. Zhang Wei said at the press conference that in the era of digital sports, it is inseparable from three aspects: professional sports equipment, accurate data analysis and scientific training guidance. Under the guidance of the full-stack strategic layout, Huawei Sports Health aims at these three aspects. Continue to cultivate, to provide consumers with a full range of scientific sports experience.

Create professional sports equipment and promote the development of sports digitalization

Huawei continues to make efforts in the field of professional sports. In 2021, it launched the HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner, a professional running watch, which is unanimously loved by professional runners and people who love running. This year, Huawei launched the HUAWEI S-TAG professional motion sensor, further cultivating the field of professional sports equipment, and is also continuously promoting the development of professional sports in the direction of digitalization. Compared with wrist devices such as watches/bands, HUAWEI S-TAG is a multi-functional professional motion sensor that can be worn on the waist and feet, and can also be placed on the spokes of bicycles. It can detect its own motion status, such as running. posture, cadence, riding speed, etc., and provide users with more comprehensive motion solutions based on motion data.

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In the era of sports digitalization, how to lay out the sports health track

Running is one of the current mainstream sports. HUAWEI S-TAG is specially designed to improve the running efficiency of users. It is launched for advanced runners, professional runners, and national fitness groups. It has a built-in industry-leading 9-axis high-precision sensor, which can realize accurate monitoring of running posture data, and integrate the user’s foot and waist movement data to measure up to 13 running posture data, which can help users understand their own movement conditions and improve their performance. Running efficiency and reducing the risk of sports injuries. At the same time, combined with the HUAWEI S-TAG running posture monitoring equipment and professional laboratory equipment, with the authorization of the testers, the relevant experimental data also provide important information for in-depth research on the running habits and needs of Chinese runners in different scenarios in the future. reference value.

After the user completes running training, HUAWEI S-TAG can output a personalized running posture evaluation. By displaying key running posture data, it helps runners to comprehensively evaluate the running posture, allowing users to intuitively see their own growth and progress: touch the ground. 7 items of data, including time, flight time, ground-to-air ratio, vertical amplitude, vertical stride ratio, ground contact peak, and left and right ground contact balance, are presented on the App side in the form of scatter plots, and the evaluation criteria and The indicator range helps users compare training and filter targets that need to be improved.

In the era of sports digitalization, how to lay out the sports health track

At the same time, the HUAWEI Sports Health App and the Institute of Sports Science (CISS) of the General Administration of Sport of China jointly conducted research, which can provide runners with running posture analysis and improvement suggestions based on HUAWEI S-TAG data, and the Huawei Sports Health App can also provide users with targeted Action guidance helps runners optimize their running posture, run easily and scientifically, and help users achieve ideal exercise effects.

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  TruSportScientific sports system to help improve running ability

Focusing on the field of scientific sports, Huawei has developed a complete scientific sports system, TruSport. Based on the data detection capabilities of professional sports equipment, Huawei has created a variety of sports evaluation models to provide users with a variety of sports solutions. Taking running as an example, the factors affecting running performance are mainly divided into physical fitness, technology and strength. Huawei classifies these three factors as running ability measurement indicators, that is, the Running Strength Index (RAI), which is used to measure a runner’s endurance level. It is a comprehensive index of technical efficiency and running efficiency, which is based on the best performance a runner can achieve.

In the era of sports digitalization, how to lay out the sports health track

In the running scene, HUAWEI S-TAG and HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner can form a professional runner partner, and can also be compatible with other smart wearable devices to achieve full coverage of running monitoring of hands, feet and torso. Based on comprehensive professional running data obtained by HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner and HUAWEI S-TAG, such as monitoring indicators such as pace, heart rate, running distance, etc., it can intelligently evaluate running performance index and training pressure, as well as stage training load, recovery degree, etc. , to provide relevant guidance for users’ exercise planning, which is one of the meanings of Huawei’s development of TruSport.

In the era of sports digitalization, how to lay out the sports health track

The HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner on the wrist can monitor data such as heart rate and VO2max. The HUAWEI S-TAG is worn on the waist and feet and can monitor 13 running posture data such as vertical monitoring, left and right touchdown balance, touchdown time, and air time. Parameters more comprehensive. In addition, HUAWEI S-TAG paired with HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner’s TruSeen 5.0+ accurate heart rate monitoring and track-level accurate trajectory monitoring can supplement running data and fully understand your running efficiency. At the same time, the combination of HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner’s running power system and HUAWEI S-TAG’s running posture parameters makes the road to advancement one step faster.

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HUAWEI S-TAG has huge expansion potential and can be worn on different parts of the body or sports equipment, and you can experience different sports scenes by changing accessories. Combine the HUAWEI S-TAG with the spoke clip and place it on the spokes of the bicycle. It can be used as a speedometer and monitor your riding speed and cadence data with the S-TAG on your feet. In the future, in addition to running and cycling, it is expected that HUAWEI S-TAG can adapt to more sports scenarios by updating software and accessories.

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