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my country fully implements the time-of-use electricity price to ensure the safe and stable economic operation of the power system

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CCTV News:Yesterday (July 29), the National Development and Reform Commission issued a new mechanism for time-of-use electricity prices, requiring all localities to implement time-of-use electricity prices based on local conditions, improve the overall utilization efficiency of the power system, and promote green and low-carbon energy development.

A simple understanding of time-of-use electricity price is to price electricity by time periods. The most typical time-of-use electricity price is the peak-to-valley price that has been implemented in many places. The new time-of-use electricity price mechanism divides 24 hours a day into peaks, peaks, flat sections, troughs, and deep troughs. The electricity prices are different in each period, and the electricity price difference between peaks and troughs is 3 to 4 times.

At the same time, in places where there are obvious seasonal differences in the daily power load or the power supply and demand relationship, it is necessary to improve the seasonal power price mechanism. In places where hydropower and other renewable energy have a significant proportion, it is necessary to establish a sound price mechanism for high and low electricity, and reasonably determine the time period and the proportion of electricity price fluctuations.

According to experts, the new mechanism introduced this time further clarifies the scope of the time-of-use electricity price, and extends it to electricity users who implement industrial and commercial electricity prices except for the electric railway traction power specified by the state. For some general industrial and commercial electricity users who are not suitable for peak-shifting electricity, the average electricity price can be studied and formulated, and the users can choose and implement it by themselves.

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Ensuring the safe and stable economic operation of the power system

Why implement time-of-use tariffs? What is the role of time-of-use electricity prices? Let’s listen to the interpretation of experts.

Electric energy cannot be stored on a large scale, and production and consumption need to be balanced in real time. The power resources consumed in different power periods are different, and the cost of power supply varies greatly. During the peak hours of concentrated power consumption, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the power grid and mobilize the high-cost generators to generate peak power generation, and the cost of power supply is relatively high. Conversely, during the low power consumption period, the generators with low power supply cost can guarantee the supply, and the power supply cost is relatively low. The time-of-use electricity price is designed based on the time value of electric energy to guide power users to cut peaks and fill valleys to ensure the safe, stable and economic operation of the power system.

Since the early 1980s, my country has gradually implemented the time-of-use electricity price mechanism in various places. Up to now, 29 provinces have implemented the time-of-use electricity price mechanism. At present, my country’s new energy installations continue to expand, the power consumption structure is rapidly changing, and the power load presents the characteristics of “double peaks” in winter and summer. It is facing greater challenges to ensure the safe and economic operation of power, and urgent requirements are put forward for further improving the time-of-use electricity price mechanism.

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