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Nvidia’s market capitalization exceeds US$2 trillion, giving three major inspirations to A-share companies

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NVIDIA’s Market Value Exceeds $2 Trillion, Inspiring A-Share Companies

By Xie Lan

Recently, the AI chip giant Nvidia reached a significant milestone as its market value exceeded $2 trillion, hitting a new all-time high with a stock price surpassing $800. This achievement is particularly remarkable considering it only took Nvidia eight months to accomplish, compared to the two years it took Microsoft and Apple to reach the same milestone.

This achievement has drawn attention to the importance of market value management, with the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges launching campaigns to improve quality and efficiency and focus on returns. To implement similar strategies, A-share companies can draw inspiration from Nvidia’s success in three key areas.

The first lesson is the practice of long-termism, emphasizing scientific research, innovation, and deepening industrial ecology for high-quality development. Nvidia’s consistent investment in research and development over the past 20 years has solidified its position as a leader in technological innovation and industry ecosystems. By focusing on GPU application and expanding into various fields such as gaming, professional visualization, and autonomous driving, Nvidia has built a strong foundation for sustained growth in the AI era.

The second lesson is the importance of focusing on core business and improving operational efficiency. Nvidia’s success can be attributed to its unwavering focus on GPU technology and commitment to efficiency in product development and service delivery. A-share companies are encouraged to concentrate on their primary business areas and avoid unnecessary diversification to enhance competitiveness and maximize efficiency.

The third lesson is the significance of sharing development dividends with investors and returning value to shareholders. Nvidia’s regular dividend payouts and a recent $25 billion repurchase plan demonstrate a commitment to sharing success with investors. A-share companies are urged to prioritize investor returns by increasing buybacks, cancellations, and cash dividends to maintain stock price stability.

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Overall, the success of Nvidia highlights the importance of long-term commitment to high-quality development, operational focus, and investor value. By implementing similar strategies, A-share companies can potentially achieve similar success in the market.

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