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Powerball jackpot climbs to $1.04 billion after no winner in latest drawing

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Powerball jackpot climbs to $1.04 billion after no winner in latest drawing

No Jackpot Winner in Saturday’s Powerball Drawing
By CNN Staff

There was a collective disappointment among lottery enthusiasts as there was no jackpot winner in Saturday’s Powerball drawing, as reported by the lottery’s website. The stakes have now been raised to an astonishing $1.04 billion, according to the same source. However, there is a cash option available worth a whopping $478.2 million.

The winning numbers for the drawing on Saturday were 19-30-37-44-46, with a Powerball number of 22. Unfortunately, no ticket managed to match all six numbers, including the red Powerball ball. With the lack of a jackpot winner, anticipation is building up for the next draw, scheduled for Monday, October 2.

While the jackpot remains elusive, this Saturday’s drawing did bring some joy to more than 2.5 million lucky ticket holders throughout the country. Among them were five winners who matched all five white balls, winning $1 million each. Two additional winners, from Indiana and North Carolina, successfully included the Power Play prize multiplier feature for an extra $1 per play, boosting their winnings to $2 million.

It has been quite a run without a jackpot winner since July 19, when a fortunate individual in California won a record-breaking $1.08 billion. Since then, the Powerball drawing has taken place 32 times, with no grand prize winner to be found. Yet, hope remains strong among the lottery players who dream of striking it big.

With the stakes at an unprecedented level, the Powerball frenzy continues to grow. The next drawing promises to be an especially anticipated event, as it presents yet another chance for someone to become an overnight billionaire. Stay tuned for the results of Monday’s drawing and see if anyone gets lucky enough to claim the enormous prize.

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