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Quanshan District: Creating a Regional Digital Economic Highland through Deep Integration of Data and Reality

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Promote the deep integration of data and reality to reach the peak of the industry

In the golden autumn, reporters in Quanshan District, Xuzhou City not only felt the ecological beauty of “the most beautiful flowers and willows in the West Lake”, but also saw a turbulent digital “sea of ​​clouds” – parks were completed and put into operation, and projects were put into operation one by one. On the road to accelerating the conversion of old and new driving forces and activating the engine of innovation and development, Quanshan has set its sights on the goal: to create a regional digital economic highland.

More than a year ago, when reporters were covering the topic of digital economy in Quanshan, the staff recommended highlight companies, mainly scattered in Jiangsu Huaihai Science and Technology City. Today, the reporter visited again. Jiangsu Huaihai Science and Technology City Digital Economy Industrial Park has begun to take shape, and the construction of the second phase of the project is also accelerating.

“Between Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, we comprehensively considered factors such as transportation, cost, and services, and placed our operational ‘base camp’ in Quanshan.” In the view of Li Huijuan, chief operating officer of Beijing Jingpaidang Technology Co., Ltd., this can be better Provide customers with integrated e-commerce solutions such as live broadcast, planning, and agency operation. With the “Double 11” coming soon, she and her team will be even busier. The company’s nearly 30,000 merchants and more than 200 million pieces of consumer e-commerce big data accumulated over the years will play a greater role in Quanshan for merchants across the country.

On the “new track” of the digital economy, Quanshan places it at the top of the “123” leading industries and focuses on building it as a future industry leading development. Quanshan insists on high-level coordination and establishes the “Quanshan District Digital Economy Work Leading Group” to strengthen the organizational leadership and coordinated advancement of the district’s digital economy work. Li Yong, Secretary of the Quanshan District Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Director of the Management Committee of Xuzhou Huaihai International Port Zone, said that relying on the innovation park and Huaihai Big Data Center, we will cultivate digital trade, digital finance, digital entertainment and other characteristic industries to accelerate the pace of digital industrialization, the annual added value of the digital economy industry will exceed 5 billion yuan.

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Looking at this digital “sea of ​​clouds”, the scene is spectacular. Only in the Jiangsu Huaihai Science and Technology City Digital Economy Industrial Park where Beijing Jingpanda Company is located, has gathered a number of industrial projects such as China Comservice, Yuntian Technology, and Junzongda, and has built 28,000 square meters of high-end talent apartments. In the entire Jiangsu Huaihai Science and Technology City, there are more than 300 digital economy-related companies, and their employees account for 65% of the total number of people in the park. Many industry leaders such as XCMG E-commerce, Zhonggong Chuangzhi, Lingjiang Technology, Hikvision, and Sangfor have successively launched projects such as the first “Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation” promotion center in northern Jiangsu and the country’s first rail transit big data center.

The newly put into operation Zhushan Digital Economy Industrial Park is also booming. The park innovates the investment promotion model of “data elements + computing resources + industrial capital + industrial policies”, and strives to create a new digital economic development pattern in which “one building includes upstream and downstream, and the industrial park forms an industrial chain”. The newly settled Xuzhou Hanfeng Digital City Development Co., Ltd. was established under the leadership of Xuzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to serve the city’s data element resources.

Through the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, the cold numbers have become a surging new driving force in Quanshan. Tiger Industrial Cloud is the largest new industrial business scenario service platform in China. Its “Tiger Wings Cloud Factory” platform has more than 100,000 member companies. In September, Xuzhou Laohuyun Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. opened for operation in Quanshan. On the rows of large digital screens connected within the company, the reporter saw a variety of “cloud services” such as industrial promotion, industrial inventory disposal, industrial shared maintenance, and industrial capacity pre-sale. Feng He, vice president of the company, likened it: “There are more than 10 kinds of ‘clouds’ on the platform, just like ‘industrial Taobao’.”

“This is the first innovation center we have laid out in the Huaihai Economic Zone with digital entertainment as its core theme. It is one of the largest in Jiangsu and has more than 20 companies settled in it.” Mao Hongchen, head of the Xuzhou NetEase Joint Innovation Center, said that relying on NetEase’s platform, technology, and service advantages to create Xuzhou urban cultural IP.

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Focusing on specialization and differentiation has opened up new space for development and lengthened the digital industry chain. “Traditional digital computer rooms use air cooling technology to cool down. Now immersion liquid cooling technology has become a new direction, which can save 50% of electricity. At present, many large companies are building new liquid-cooled computer rooms. We have taken a new approach and focused on liquid cooling transformation of traditional computer rooms. There is also great potential.” Wu Xiaolin, general manager of 23rd Degree Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd., which is located in the Zhushan Digital Economic Industrial Park, said that their team of doctors is making a prototype and is expected to launch it on a trial basis by the end of the year.

Rich digital scenarios enable the continuous expansion of industrial digital applications. Xuzhou Online Shangtianxia Company focuses on providing multi-scenario marketing solutions for the entire industry and has been approved as an outstanding provincial industrial e-commerce solution service provider; Boya Huiju Technology Development Co., Ltd. uses digital twin technology to develop products in the fields of environmental protection, tower base stations, and vision monitoring. Explore practice; New Butterfly Digital and other four companies were selected into Xuzhou’s “Intelligent Reform and Digital Transformation” service resource pool… Zhuang Hong, the head of Quanshan District, said that in recent years, 26 companies in Quanshan have completed “Intelligent Reform and Digital Transformation”, and 53 Enterprises have achieved provincial-level “cloud migration” and are at the forefront of Xuzhou’s main urban area in intelligent transformation and digital transformation.

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