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Samsung announces Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4

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Samsung announces Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4

On August 10, 2022, Samsung Electronics officially launched its new generation of folding screen phones – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4. “Samsung Galaxy foldable screen products are rooted in an open design concept and create more new possibilities through personalized customization from the inside out.” said Lu Taiwen, president of Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Division.

According to the press conference, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 continues the iconic design and also brings a series of upgrades and innovations. On the basis of maintaining an ultra-lightweight design, it provides a more optimized video shooting experience, longer battery life, and rich and expandable customization options. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with advanced imaging technology and a powerful processor. Its mature folding design, immersive screen, and PC-like convenient multitasking functions once again provide users with more possibility.

In terms of durability, the frame and hinge cover of the new phone are made of armored aluminum, and the outer screen and back cover of the fuselage are made of Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+ glass. At the same time, Samsung has further improved the durability of the main screen panel by optimizing the screen structure, effectively reducing the damage caused by external shocks. Both the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 support IPX8 water resistance, so users don’t need to worry too much in the event of rain.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

In terms of shooting, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 can be unfolded to a specific angle to enable vertical free shooting. At the same time, this shooting mode has been adapted to mainstream applications that users like. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has an upgraded external screen snapshot function, which allows users to use the external screen and main camera to freeze higher-quality selfies. And when users use the external screen snapshot to record video, they can also directly switch to the vertical interactive mode, freeing their hands without interrupting the recording process, providing more convenience for content creators. In the external screen snapshot function, users can also enable portrait mode to take selfies, and can preview the picture in actual scale. It is worth mentioning that the upgraded camera of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is supported by the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform, and the brightness of the image sensor has been increased by 65%. Whether it is day or night, the photos and videos taken are all the same. clearer and more stable.

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In terms of use, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 relies on the upgrade of the external screen to unlock more convenient functional experiences without unfolding the phone. Such as making calls, replying to text messages, turning Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode or flashlight on or off, and paying with payment codes.

In terms of battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has a built-in 3,700mAh (typical value) large-capacity battery, which is convenient for users to shoot, watch movies and call for a longer time. In addition, the new machine also added a super accelerated charging function. Officially, the Galaxy Z Flip4 can be charged to 50% in about 30 minutes.

In terms of craftsmanship, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is equipped with a thinner hinge, ultra-narrow bezels, a matte glass back panel that is not easily stained with fingerprints, and a dazzling metal frame. Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has both internal and external screens. Rich customization options. In addition, users can decorate their external screens with new clock designs and pictures, GIF animations, videos, etc.

In terms of sales, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has four colors to choose from: “Secret Realm of Purple”, “Gothic Space”, “Sakura Garden” and “Blue Ocean Holiday”. At the same time, you can also customize your favorite color scheme through the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

In terms of mobile office, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has upgraded the multitasking function, so that users can efficiently complete more tasks anytime, anywhere. The newly upgraded taskbar layout is similar to that of a PC, so users can more easily access frequently used and recently used apps. Thanks to the new gesture quick split screen function, users can start multitasking in a more intuitive operation mode, switch the APP from full screen mode to pop-up view, or divide the screen into two by gestures to enrich the way of multitasking. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is also equipped with the Android 12L operating system, which is a special version of the Android system developed for large-screen devices including folding screen products.

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In terms of photography, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with a newly upgraded imaging system, including an upgraded 50-megapixel wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens that supports up to 30x space zoom, as well as a larger zoom guide that is opened in preview mode, The rich camera modes such as external screen preview and rear Selfie allow users to use the unique form of folding screen mobile phones to complete image creation more flexibly. At the same time, compared with the previous generation, the pixel size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has been further increased, and the sensor brightness has been increased by 23%. With stronger image processing capabilities, users can take clearer and more transparent photos at night.

In terms of screen, the 7.6-inch (right-angle) main screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has higher brightness and supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. The camera area under the UDC screen adopts a new diffused sub-pixel arrangement, which is better concealed. Users can read more interesting content through the APP optimized for large-screen display, or watch their favorite video programs hands-free in the vertical interactive mode. For other apps, the newly upgraded vertical interactive touchpad allows users to complete video operations such as play, pause, and playback, as well as zoom content and other common operations without interrupting the displayed content when manipulating the phone.

In terms of hardware configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with a Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 processor and supports ultra-fast 5G networks. With thinner hinges, lighter weight and narrower bezels, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 can provide a better one-handed control experience with a wider outer screen in the folded state.

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In terms of sale, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has three color options: Empty Mountain Green, Cloud Pink Gold, and Platinum Extraction Black. At the same time, the Samsung Online Store will also feature the Galaxy Z Fold4 Burgundy Red and up to 1TB of storage.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

In addition to two new folding screens, Samsung also released the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. In terms of sound quality, while the new product supports 24-bit high-fidelity audio, the Samsung Seamless Codec (SSC HiFi) it is equipped with can also transmit high-quality music uninterruptedly. With the innovative coaxial dual speakers, it makes the sound more charming. Rich. In terms of noise reduction, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function used in the new product can answer calls at any time and intelligently block external noise.

In terms of wearing, the innovative ergonomic earplug design is not only small and compact, it is 15% smaller than the previous generation, but also through its redesigned structure, it takes into account both a comfortable fit and a non-slip earphone. In terms of color matching, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro has three color options, namely Gothic Space, Ice and Snow Floating Painting, and Purple Secret Realm.

In terms of connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro can automatically switch audio from the tablet to the phone with the touch of the user’s finger. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro can be connected to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, smart tablets and smart watches, as well as devices such as Samsung Smart TVs.

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