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Science and Technology Morning Post | Facebook announces that it will change its name to “Meta”, Huawei will adhere to its globalization strategy_Users

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Original title: Science and Technology Morning Post | Facebook announced that it will be renamed “Meta”, Huawei will adhere to its globalization strategy

Facebook announced that it changed its name to “Meta”

According to the Financial Associated Press, on October 28, at the “Facebook Connect 2021” augmented reality and virtual reality conference, Facebook announced that it would change the company’s name to “Meta”. According to the announcement, the company also changed its stock code from “FB” to “MVRS”, which will take effect on December 1. This reflects Facebook’s ambitions for “metaverse,” and the company uses this classic sci-fi term to describe its vision of working and gaming in a virtual world.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said in the video: “Today, we are usually regarded as a social media company, but in our (company) DNA, we are a company that builds technology to connect people. Metaverse is the next technology. The frontier field is just like when we built a social network.”

New “Blow up comments” function on Weibo

On October 28, the Weibo Android client announced that Weibo recently launched the “Blow up comments” function. Users can use the “Blow up” on comments they don’t like while browsing the content of the comments. After “blowing up”, the comment and its reply will be hidden from the current operating user. Other users are not affected. For comments that have been “bombed up” more frequently, the follow-up will be used as an influencing factor for the ranking of the comments.

Weibo said that this feature is mainly provided to users other than bloggers, not for bloggers. The comment function is only effective for the current user, and other people can still see the comment. After using Bomb, the user will no longer receive notifications for the comment and subsequent messages. Cancel the operation after the bombing, and the message notification will return to normal.

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It is reported that the Weibo “Blow up comments” function has been launched with the client version 11.10.0, and is currently open for testing on some accounts. Currently, only mobile terminals are supported, and the PC terminal, mobile web version and third-party clients do not support the use of this function for the time being.

Apple App Store malfunctioned, unable to search accurately

On October 28, there was news that Apple’s App Store was malfunctioning and could not be searched accurately. For example, when searching for “Alipay”, other apps appeared, and no accurate results appeared. Not only did the precise search fail, but some of the fuzzy search results could not be displayed accurately. In response, Apple’s official response said: No comment.

Glory announces its return to overseas market, first launch of Glory 50 series mobile phones

On October 26, the Honor 50 series was released simultaneously in many countries in Europe, Africa and other regions. This is also the first product released by Honor in the global market after its independence. It is reported that the Honor 50 series will be launched in France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and other countries in early November, and will land in more than 40 countries overseas in the future.

Douban responded “Huawei phone prompts Douban to delete pictures”

On October 27th, Douban’s official Weibo post stated that in response to user feedback that Huawei’s mobile phone prompted Douban to delete pictures, through further technical analysis based on the information provided by Weibo users, engineers found that in a poor network environment, the system believed that When multiple replies with pictures are sent on the post page at the same time, the pictures uploaded by the user will be mistakenly deleted as cached files, and the probability of this bug is low.

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Douban said that the bug will be fixed in the next version, “We are sorry for this and will further optimize the product to better guarantee the user experience. Protecting user privacy is the basic principle of Douban. Thank you for your attention and supervision to Douban. “.

Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping: Will adhere to the globalization strategy

On October 28, Huawei’s official China Weibo post stated that at the 2021 Huawei European Ecological Conference (HCE2021), Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping stated that Huawei will adhere to the strategy of globalization and continue to create value for local customers and society. The European market is a strategic market that supports the global expansion of Huawei’s business. Huawei’s business has covered all European countries, has more than 10,000 employees, has established partnerships with more than 3,100 suppliers, and established competence centers and logistics in Europe. center.

Redmi releases Note 11 Pro series, starting at 1799 yuan

On October 28, Redmi released three new products in the Note 11 series: Note 11 5G, Note 11 Pro, Note 11 Pro+, as well as Redmi Watch 2 and Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition.

It is understood that Redmi Note 11 Pro and Pro+ will officially go on sale at 0:00 on November 1. Redmi Note 11 Pro is available in 6+128GB, 8+128GB, and 8+256GB versions. The suggested retail prices are 1,799 yuan, 1999 yuan, and 2,199 yuan, respectively.

Redmi Note 11 Pro+ is available in 6+128GB, 8+128GB, and 8+256GB versions. The suggested retail prices are 1999 yuan, 2199 yuan and 2399 yuan, respectively. The Note 11 trend limited edition YIBO DESIGN launched in conjunction with Wang Yibo is based on Note 11 Pro+ (8+256GB) and is priced at 2699 yuan.

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Note 11 5G is available in 4+128GB, 6+128GB, 8+128GB, and 8+256GB versions. The suggested retail prices are 1199 yuan, 1299 yuan, 1499 yuan and 1699 yuan, respectively. Redmi Watch 2 will officially go on sale at 0:00 on November 1st, with a suggested retail price of 399 yuan; Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition is now available for sale in all channels, with a suggested retail price of 99 yuan.

2021 Hurun Global Century Philanthropist List released, Ma Huateng’s charitable donations totaled 40 billion yuan

On October 28, the 2021 Hurun Global Century Philanthropist List was released. The list shows that the top 50 global charities have donated more than 23 billion yuan in the past 100 years, with 37 people in the United States ranking first, 6 in the UK, 3 in China, 2 in India, and 1 each in Portugal and Switzerland. Among them, Jamsetji Tata, the founder of India’s Tata Group, has become the world‘s philanthropist with the highest donation value with a donation of 670 billion yuan. The three people in China are Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, and Li Ka-shing. Ma Huateng ranked 34th with a total value of 40 billion yuan in charitable donations. The total value of Ma Yun and Li Ka-shing’s charitable donations was 33 billion yuan and 28.5 billion yuan, respectively.Return to Sohu to see more


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