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Stadio Milan, Sala: “I can’t ignore the La Maura hypothesis”. Bad moods in the Pd

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Stadio Milan, Sala: “I can’t ignore the La Maura hypothesis”.  Bad moods in the Pd

Stadio, Sala: “I can’t ignore La Maura but we need a formal step”

“Don’t take AC Milan’s project into consideration” on the De La Maura track, in the San Siro area, as a majority of Palazzo Marino would like, “I don’t think it can be done, of course you have to take it into consideration but when I speak there are various issues under which the project could go ahead, including what the South Park thinks about it.” The mayor of Milan said so Joseph Salaon the sidelines of the inauguration of the construction site infopoint of the new hospital in via della Commenda, after the meeting with the top management of Milan this morning at Palazzo Marino.

Sala: “If there isn’t a formal step of interest, I can’t do more”

“I explained it to the teams – he added – The theme is: if there isn’t a formal step of interest I can’t do more, I can’t start discussions with the South Park on the basis of an informally expressed interest “. There must then be a passage in the council on the option of the former racecourse: “This certainly – confirmed Sala – but the problem is not only the city council, it is evidently in the South Park. So we need to understand what the South Park. There is a very important green area there, how much will remain? I need a project to start the confrontation with politics and with the rest of the institutions”

Sala: “They believe that in a couple of weeks they will be able to bring me a rough draft”

With respect to La Maura, I reiterated that I acknowledge their interest, what is needed is a project. They believe that in a couple of weeks they will be able to bring me a blueprint and what they are asking for in terms of our formal steps to start the process. For me, however, it is important that the administrative process launched on the hypothesis of the stadium near San Siro find a definition. We can’t hang around forever.”

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“Inter have no other options than the San Siro area”

At the moment Inter doesn’t show any other options” than the construction of a stadium in the former Meazza area, “so at the moment no”, there are no news in this sense, concluded Sala.

Milan stadium in La Maura, four critical Pd councilors: “No to casting concrete”

The La Maura hypothesis causes obvious stomach aches in the majority. As Alessandro Giungi, Simonetta D’Amico, Natascia Tosoni and Monica Romano, municipal councilors Pd: “The mayor declares that he cannot ignore the option on La Maura as a place to build the new stadium for Milan. All this ignoring: an agenda signed by 17 majority councilors which excludes this hypothesis, 3 thousand citizens and citizens who “embraced” the Maura track last Sunday, in defense and thanksgiving for such a green lung of the city, an agenda of Town Hall 8, in whose territory La Maura is located, in defense of the vocation only as a green area of such a place”.

The note continues: “But then what happened to the plan (equally environmentally unsustainable) to demolish San Siro and to build a new plant near it, as well as a shopping center and skyscrapers? Four years of council debate and a public debate costing 300 thousand euros that the city would have gladly saved, given the total uselessness. And if a new stadium were really built on the Maura, what would happen to San Siro? Would we have two 70,000-seat stadiums a few hundred meters from each other? Obviously – conclude – we will reiterate our opposition to the project of parcelling out the green lung of the Maura with a pour of cement in the appropriate institutional venues. Today’s news that Milan will lose 12 million euros of European funds because it has no places to plant trees should push towards consumption of zero soil and not to remove the remaining green”.

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Stadium in La Maura, the Greens ask for an a priori no

Contrary to the idea too Carlo Monguzzi, group leader of the Greens: “On La Maura we ask for a no a priori, because Milan should not allow a pour of concrete in a green area protected by the South Park. It is against logic, it is against the environment, against the electoral program and against all the plans of the Municipality It doesn’t depend on the beauty or otherwise of the project We ask the mayor to stop earlier, otherwise with what majority will he carry on this destruction of the city territory?

De Chirico (Forza Italia): “No to La Maura, the mayor should report in the courtroom”

“After the chaos over the introduction of the entrance ticket to Area B with the mayor who distanced himself from his councilor Censi, today it is the majority councilors who deny the statements of the Mayor of Milan after the meeting held with the AC Milan management The stadium on the grounds of La Maura ‘doesn’t know what to do’ and we too join the chorus of no against the construction of the new stadium on the green area of ​​the South Park. with bamboo canes and lianas, it is unthinkable to build a stadium in that piece of land so close to the houses (even more than via Tesio) and without all the tertiary sector that could keep the stadium standing from a financial point of view operation. Instead, we still believe it is possible that the stadium can be built in the area used for parking guests in front of the Meazza, or alternatively in Porto di Mare, as long as it is done quickly”, he declared Alessandro DeChiricoleader of Forza Italia at Palazzo Marino.

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De Chirico continues: “And for this reason also last Thursday, in the meeting of the Group Leaders, we reiterated the request for an extraordinary Council on the stadium. What is certain is that four years of chatter and 300,000 euros of public debate were thrown away for end up in the decision-making immovable quagmire of the PD majority. It is clear that Sala’s environmental policies are a great bluff. Now we are waiting for someone to take courage and invite the mayor to the Chamber to allow it in the face of his responsibilities “.

Milan, the Cardinal also met the Lombard governor Fontana

After meeting Mayor Beppe Sala this morning, the new owner of AC Milan Gerry Cardinale he went to Palazzo Lombardia in the afternoon to meet the governor Attilio Fontana. As we learn, Cardinale was always accompanied by the Rossoneri CEO Giorgio Furlani. The dossier for the new stadium that Milan intends to build in La Maura, in the area south of Milan, is on the table. “No news at the moment, we are working on it. It was a good meeting”, commented Cardinale.

“Gerry Cardinale presented me the project for the new stadium he would like to build in the ‘La Maura’ area in Milan. A cordial and positive meeting, which made me fully understand the intentions of the Rossoneri club”, added Fontana. The Lombard governor then accompanied Cardinale also to the ‘highest terrace in Milan’ on the 38th floor of Palazzo Lombardia. “In showing him the San Siro – concludes Fontana – as a great Rossoneri fan, I made an appointment with Cardinale for the Champions League match Milan-Naples, without adding anything else”.

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