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The three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform shows that China Mobile’s progress has reached 93% | State-owned enterprise reform | 5G_Sina Technology_Sina Network

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Original title: The three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform shows that China Mobile’s progress has reached 93%

C114 News, January 14th (99) As one of the typical enterprises in the reform of state-owned enterprises, China Mobile held a media symposium in Beijing on the 13th. Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, said: “As of the end of 2021, the company’s state-owned enterprise reform has achieved 93% of its progress in three years, and completed 70% of the SASAC’s target requirements ahead of schedule.”

In order to ensure that the three-year action for the reform of state-owned enterprises is effective, in accordance with the requirements of “measurable, assessable, testable, and necessary to do things”, China Mobile has deeply integrated the three-year action with the company’s strategy and three-year rolling plan to give full play to the “baton” of assessment. ” role, systematic planning, careful organization, top-down linkage, three-dimensional construction, and comprehensively promote the implementation of the reform plan.

Especially in 2021, the growth rate of China Mobile Group’s operating income is a new high in ten years; it has been selected as one of the country’s first batch of original technology sources and modern industrial chain lengths; it has led a total of 154 5G international standard projects and exported more than 3,600 5G patents. The first camp of global operators…

Stimulate endogenous power and strive to be a “pioneer” in deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises

With the tide of my country’s telecommunications system reform, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. For more than 20 years, China Mobile has actively followed the trend of the times, grasped the trend of industrial transformation, and embarked on a leap-forward development path from small to large, from large to strong. It is one of the 8 central enterprises and one of the 11 central enterprises that have created world-class demonstration enterprises. In recent years, China Mobile has been based on the “two big picture”, keeping in mind the “bigger of the country”, coordinating epidemic prevention and control and reform and development of party building, taking the implementation of the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform as an important opportunity, and deeply implementing the development strategy of creating a world-class “power building” , and implement the “5G+” plan.

Deepening the reform of the three mechanisms of governance, employment and incentives is the key area and core project of the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises. China Mobile anchored the three mechanisms, and achieved breakthroughs in governance and employment incentives.

In terms of governance, we will continuously improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics. Further clarify the boundaries of powers and responsibilities between the party group, the board of directors, managers and other governance entities, optimize and improve the board of directors system, strengthen the board of directors’ supervisory responsibilities, standardize the performance of duties, and strengthen the construction of the board of directors of subsidiaries. As of the end of December 2021, the subsidiary companies included in the scope of construction should achieve a 100% completion rate of the board of directors, and external directors account for 100% of the majority. The second-level subsidiary companies fully implement the six functions and powers of the board of directors.

In terms of employment, we will implement the “Niu Noi” project of contractual reform of the tenure system, penetrate through layers and cover all managers of all subordinate units and their subsidiaries at all levels and branches, and promote managers from traditional “identity management” to the market. The transformation of “post management”. At the end of October 2021, the tenure-based contractual management coverage rate of subsidiaries at all levels was 100%, and the contracting rate of management members was 100%.

In terms of incentives, it closely links business performance with salary distribution, continuously optimizes the “acquisition and sharing system” of total labor cost distribution, and formulates a special incentive plan of “excess + special projects” to encourage all units to buy more grain. Through special support policies and capacity improvement plans, China Mobile Research Institute has boosted new business revenue from 0 yuan in 2017 to more than 1 billion yuan in 2021; it is the first to implement medium and long-term incentive policies such as “project dividends” for technology-based enterprises The application has won more than 4 million yuan in bonus incentives, and the R&D team has received more than 100,000 yuan per person, realizing the precise traction of assessment and incentives.

Focus on scientific and technological innovation, and be the “vanguard” of technological self-reliance and self-improvement

In terms of investment in scientific and technological innovation resources, China Mobile adheres to the core position of scientific and technological innovation in the overall development, and has invested more than 30 billion yuan in research and development in the past three years. Relying on deepening reform to accelerate innovation breakthroughs, tackle key core technologies, lead the formation of a 5G innovation consortium, create a source of original technologies, be the leader of the modern industrial chain, take the lead in building a new generation of national engineering research centers for mobile information and communication technologies, and support high-level science and technology Self-reliance. Improve the “one body and four rings” technology innovation system, the company’s technical personnel account for 30%, and there are more than 10 R&D institutions.

In the past three years, China Mobile has undertaken a total of 101 major national science and technology projects, of which 10 national key core technology research tasks in four areas have successfully completed the promised mid-term goals, and the 5G innovation consortium has made breakthroughs in 13 areas and 44 joint research tasks, becoming the The first batch of modern industrial chain length and original technology source enterprises. Leading and promoting TD-LTE to become a 4G international standard and widely used in the world, promoting my country’s 5G mid-band to become the global mainstream, leading the formation of an industrial pattern that is beneficial to my country, and laying a solid foundation for my country’s 5G industry to achieve group breakthroughs and lay a solid foundation for global dominance.

Optimize the operation system and build an “inverted triangle” for first-line grid operation

In order to optimize the layout of “digital intelligence” capabilities, China Mobile has strengthened the integration of business resources and built an efficient and coordinated organizational operation system of “management and construction”, which is “group management, regional companies, and professional institutions”. Promote the deepening of the “stock reform” of professional companies, and make new progress in structural adjustment and capacity layout optimization. The modern smart supply chain system created by the China Mobile Procurement Sharing Center has opened up every process from investment project establishment to planning, procurement, order placement, warehousing, construction, transportation and maintenance, capital transfer, service withdrawal and reverse logistics with “one code to the end”. a segment. The big data platform in the system has built 42 scenarios so far, controlled more than 3,000 product quality risks, intercepted 560 bid-rigging behaviors, and boosted the overall efficiency of the industry chain by 30%. Through the application of new technologies such as electronic signatures, electronic signatures, and auxiliary bid evaluation tools, a total of more than 45,000 online (paperless) projects have been carried out, procurement efficiency has been increased by more than 10%, and carbon emissions have been reduced by 3.75 tons.

In order to realize the penetration of reform measures to the grassroots and the frontline, China Mobile has deepened the reform of grid operation, implemented various forms of contracted operation in nearly 20,000 operating terminal units, and transplanted the concept of tenure system and contractual management to the frontline, creating a ” The inverted triangle organizational structure with the front line revolving around the customer and the department revolving around the front line allows “people who can hear the sound of the cannon to call for the cannon fire”. At present, the whole group has 18,800 grids, with the exception of non-urban areas in Tibet, to achieve full coverage in the whole country (except for non-urban areas in Tibet), and 200,000 marketing, installation and maintenance managers, etc. have sunk to the front line of grids. Grid operation has become an important starting point for the company to penetrate the reform to the grassroots and the front line.

2022 is the year of the conclusion of the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises and the year of decisive victory. China Mobile stated that it will unswervingly promote the re-emancipation of the mind, deepen the reform, and do more solid work, improve the level of reform in key areas, create a pioneer and benchmark for reform practice, fully stimulate the vitality of organizational innovation, and ensure the successful conclusion of the three-year campaign.


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