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Unrest in France subsides

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Unrest in France subsides

riots in France

Since the 17-year-old was killed by a police bullet during a traffic check on Tuesday, France has been shaken by massive riots, especially at night.


Paris After days of unrest, the wave of violence on the streets of France seems to be slowly ebbing. According to the Ministry of the Interior, there were 49 arrests by midnight on Monday night – significantly fewer than in the previous nights at this time. According to BFMTV sources, another 29 arrests were made by 1:30 a.m.

There were some riots again this time, for example in Lyon, where the police used tear gas against a right-wing extremist group. Measured by the violent unrest of the past few days with pictures of hundreds of burning cars and buildings and sometimes more than 1000 arrests during the night, it remained relatively calm.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had put on a massive police presence for the third night in a row. 45,000 police officers were deployed across the country, again with armored vehicles. According to consistent media reports, Darmanin again gave instructions to act decisively and arrest rioters as soon as possible.

In an emotional appeal, the youth’s grandmother had also wished for a decrease in violence, whose death had triggered the riots almost a week ago. “Luckily the police are there. To the people who break something, I tell them: “Stop”.

The rioters “used their 17-year-old grandson, who was shot by a police officer, as an excuse,” she told broadcaster BFMTV on Sunday. Although she was angry with the officials, she did not want to generalize. The policeman will be punished like everyone else. “I have faith in the judiciary.” The people on the streets should remain calm and not destroy everything.

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Since the 17-year-old was killed by a police bullet during a traffic check on Tuesday, France has been shaken by massive riots, especially at night. There were repeated looting, arson attacks and violent confrontations between police officers and rioters. Hundreds of people were arrested every night.

On Monday, Head of State Emmanuel Macron wants to meet with the Presidents of the Senate and National Assembly, as BFMTV and “Le Parisien” reported on Sunday after Macron’s briefing with Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, Interior Minister Darmanin and several other ministers. On Tuesday, the President wants to receive the 220 mayors who were particularly affected by the unrest of the past few days.

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