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A collection of 8 artists of the heart in memory of the art historian Barbara Rose

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Rachel Vancelette, owner of Vancelette Global Art Acquisitions Corp and contributor to prestigious magazines including Metropolitan Magazine and Vogue Italia, founded in 2020 ARTXPUZZLES, Puzzle with Purpose in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of raising funds for causes humanitarian and in support of artists in difficulty.

Rachel Vancelette, linked by a long friendship to the art historian and critic Barbara Rose who died last December 25, has decided to dedicate a new summer Capsule Collection to the memory of her friend who on June 11 would have turned 85. The Global Curator Choice 2021 initiative has selected eight contemporary artists chosen from among Barbara Rose’s personal friends: the Italians Rossella Vasta, Arturo Casanova, Bruno Ceccobelli and Nino Longobardi, the Americans Carolyn Blackwood, Don Kimes, Paul Manes and the Spanish Juan Garaizabal .

AXP Capsule Collection with the “Puzzles with Purpose” initiative intends to raise funds in support of the Barbara Rose Film Archive. The 8 works created by the artists of the “capsule collection” will be transformed into puzzles for an exclusive edition of 11 multiples each, destined for international collecting. In addition, to accompany their puzzle, the artists donate archival contributions that include personal materials that tell of their friendship with Barbara Rose. The artists’ collaborative efforts will be donated to prestigious institutions such as the Getty Institutional Archive which already holds important documents and writings by Barbara Rose donated by the art critic when she was alive.

Barbara Rose was a landmark of 20th century American art, ranging from minimalism, abstract expressionism and Spanish art. “ABC Art,” his influential 1965 essay, defined and outlined the historical foundations of minimalist art. American Art Since 1900: A Critical History is the book that has had a wide international circulation and has been translated into many languages ​​and widely used in academia. One of the last exhibitions she curated “Painting After Postmodernism” took place in Italy, at the Royal Palace of Caserta.

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