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Ahn Bo-hyun Talks About His Role in Disney+ Korean Drama “Chaebol”

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Ahn Bo-hyun Talks About His Role in Disney+ Korean Drama “Chaebol”

Disney+ Drama “Chaebol X Detective” Stars Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun

In the latest Korean drama to hit Disney+, “Chaebol X Detective,” actor Ahn Bo-hyun takes on the role of a third-generation rich man who becomes a new police officer. The drama also stars Park Ji-hyun and is written by Kim Bado.

Ahn Bo-hyun, who previously won a gold medal as an amateur boxer, has gotten into top shape for the role, even working out for three weeks to show off his muscles in a 10-second action scene. He expressed his dedication to realistic action scenes, stating, “As long as there are action scenes, I will ask to fight in person. As long as I feel that I can do it, I will not fake it.”

In addition to his physical preparation, Ahn Bo-hyun also revealed a personal connection to the role, sharing that his previous dramas including “Itaewon Class,” “In My Name,” and “Military Prosecutor Dauberman” have all featured action scenes that have left his grandmother feeling distressed. In “Chaebol X Detective”, he hopes to make her proud and happy by appearing on TV every day.

The drama sees Ahn Bo-hyun’s character, Chen Lishou, use his innate intuition and extraordinary physical strength to solve major criminal cases, with Park Ji-hyun’s character, Li Qianxian, providing support with her rich experience and unrivaled fighting skills. The two characters, with their contrasting personalities, are constantly sparking laughter with their vindictive bets and playful interactions.

“Chaebol X Detective” is the latest project of Disney+ featuring Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun, and the collaboration between the two stars is garnering much attention from audiences. With their chemistry and the drama’s unique storyline, “Chaebol X Detective” is primed to become a popular series on the streaming platform.

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The unique blend of action, comedy, and drama in “Chaebol X Detective” promises to keep viewers entertained as they follow the adventures of these two characters in their pursuit of justice and solving criminal cases.

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