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Animated movie “Crazy!The premiere of “Guibao: Samsung Treasures” wants to create a new “Guibao Universe” – Teller Report

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Animated movie “Crazy!The premiere of “Guibao: Samsung Treasures” wants to create a new “Guibao Universe” – Teller Report

Animated movie “Crazy! The premiere of “Guibao: Samsung Treasures” wants to create a new “Guibao Universe”

International Online News: On July 24, the animated movie “Crazy! “Gui Bao: Samsung Treasure” held its premiere in Beijing, and the film will be officially released on July 29.

“crazy! Guibao: Samsung Treasure Hunting is adapted from the classic best-selling comic series “Crazy! Guibao”. For more than ten years, “Crazy Crazy! Guibao! Happy Treasure!” This highly representative happy slogan, together with the protagonist Guibao, has accompanied several generations of readers’ childhood joys, and is deeply loved by children and parents . A Gui, the author and one of the screenwriters of the film, said at the premiere: “I hope everyone can go to Sanxingdui to have a look and experience the rich and splendid Chinese culture. I also recommend everyone to have a hot pot after watching the movie.”

The original author Agui shares his feelings Photo courtesy of the organizer

The director of the film, Wang Yunfei, told the behind-the-scenes story, “When I first read Guibao’s comic book, I felt very happy. Guibao is very sunny and full of positive energy. He has many cold jokes and cold inventions. Comics After watching it, I especially hope to make it into an animated film. When I went to the Sanxingdui Museum for the first time in 2016, I decided to write this story. The purpose is very simple, I hope to let the miracle of Chinese civilization that I am shocked by let go More audiences will see it, and more people will pay attention to it. I hope to show a brand new ‘Guibao universe’ with animated films, combining Guibao’s nonsensical unique humor, positive energy and knowledge, and making it an entertaining experience I hope more people can see it.”

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Director Wang Yunfei shares behind-the-scenes experience Photo courtesy of the organizer

It is reported that during the film creation process, the creators inquired a lot of historical documents about Sanxingdui, and went to Sanxingdui Museum, Sanxingdui Ruins, Taoping Qiang Village, Chengdu Jinli Ancient Street, Chengdu Wuhou Temple, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport and other places six times. The field collection was carried out and received strong support from the Sanxingdui Site Management Committee and the Sanxingdui Museum. The experts of the Sanxingdui Museum participated in the assistance and review of some knowledge related to ancient Shu culture, and gave a lot of valuable advice to the production team.

Photo courtesy of the organizer of the big group photo

At the premiere, many guests also praised the film after watching the film. Li Xia, co-director of the animated film “Jiang Ziya”, said: “I haven’t seen this kind of educational and funny animated film for a long time. This is a unique category in Chinese animation. I hope Guibao will stick to it and look forward to the next one. .” Yu Zhou, the chief producer of the animated films “White Snake” and “Nezha Rebirth”, expressed his love for the joyful temperament of the films, “Today, children of all ages had a great time watching, and through the film, they had a better understanding of Sanxingdui culture. “

Mao Qichao, the director of the animated film “Phoenix”, greatly admired the Sanxingdui and Sichuan culture and food that were truly restored in the film: “As a Sichuanese, I am very familiar with the scenes in the whole film. After watching this film, I thought I went back to Sichuan. In terms of family fun, the whole movie was very successful. I heard the children laughing from the beginning to the end, and they could also feel the Sanxingdui culture, which is very powerful!” Chen, producer of the well-known animated film “Big Fish and Begonia” Jie said: “The children at the scene were very excited to watch it. The film combines humorous plots with traditional culture. This kind of parent-child film is what our parents look forward to, and it is especially suitable for children to watch in the summer.”

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It is reported that the animated film “Crazy! Guibao: The Samsung Treasure Hunt will be released nationwide on July 29, and the pre-sale of the film has been fully opened.

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