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Celebrating Excellence in Science Fiction: The Second Science Fiction Planet Award Winners Announced

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China Hosts Second Science Fiction Planet Award Ceremony

The winners of the second Science Fiction Planet Award were recently announced, recognizing outstanding contributions in the science fiction industry. Nine projects were awarded in categories such as Science Fiction Technology, Literature, and Work, with one scholar receiving the Outstanding Contribution Award.

Among the winners were well-known works like “The Three-Body Problem”, “The Wandering Earth 2”, and “Our Martian”, as well as innovative products such as “Shougang No. 1 Blast Furnace·SoReal Science Fiction Park” and “LED Virtual Filming and Production Technology“.

Initiated by leading figures in the industry, the award aims to promote and reward individuals and organizations contributing to the science fiction industry. The award ceremony, held at the China Science Fiction Conference, provides a platform for industry professionals to showcase and exchange ideas, fostering innovation and enhancing industry influence.

The second Science Fiction Planet Award, scheduled for June 2023, has attracted international participation with 458 projects from various countries and regions. The awards ceremony and Investment and Financing Matchmaking Event will take place during the 8th China Science Fiction Conference in 2024 in Shijingshan District.

As Liu Cixin, honorary chairman of the award, stated, “Science fiction is a kind of power. It can stimulate our imagination, broaden our horizons, and allow us to see a farther future.” The Science Fiction Planet Award continues to drive innovation in the industry, encouraging creators and enthusiasts to engage deeply in science fiction exploration.

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