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Chapel of Disease – Echoes of Light – Album Review

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Chapel of Disease – Echoes of Light – Album Review

Chapel of Disease – Echoes of Light
Origin: Germany
Release: 09.02.2024
Label: Van Records
Duration: 42:08
Genre: Classic Rock / Progressive Death Metal / Post-Metal

Foto Credit: Chapel Of Disease

Last year a little world collapsed for me as a mastermind Laurent Teubl announced via social media that there will be some personnel changes in the band. In short, he was alone and questions formed in my mind, will this band still pass on? Remains ..And as We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced the Eye the last musical legacy of this fantastic band?

Luckily, my first suspicions were wrong. In just one year, the Rhinelander will serve us the new album on the turntable. But this information also left me with a big question mark: Stay Chapel of Disease true to their credo, there is more death lead again, what effect does this refreshing have?

Old spirit, new people

I’ll let the tension out then. Everything remains the same as their last masterpiece and there is also a little experimentation with a new style, which doesn’t dilute the whole thing, but just makes it even more exciting. We’re talking about post-punk elements. In casual Gold/Dust, which Lauren sings completely cleanly into the microphone, light post punk guitars are mixed with classic heavy metal guitars to form a delicious compote of melodies and create an interesting mixture.

Post-punk as a turning point?

A spark of Death Metal can only be sensed in the rough growls. The title track in particular stands out here Echoes of Light and the incredible A Death Though No Loss out of here. Laurent and Co. just do whatever they want, they don’t just look back and straight ahead. Echoes of Light you can HERE incorporate. The whole album has a totally relaxed atmosphere that can be compared to the following scenario: Blue Öyster Cult has emotional sex with Joy Division and listen to music from Iron Maiden. Has the sound technology space for this special, diverse type of music Michael Zech given in his Q7 Studios.

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The sufferings of young L.

When excellent music is created, some die-hard fans from the early days forgive the fact that the hard style is no longer the band’s main theme. This is what makes this band so special. Each album has an extraordinary magic that captivates everyone. The same goes for the song Selenophile, the distinctive growls will be captured by classic rock and blues harmonies and together form an unstoppable unity. A track that should be memorialized. Be careful, the more you listen to this album, the more you become addicted!

Chapel of Disease For me they are already legends in what they do. Echoes of Light takes all the liberties and stands for the beauty of music. Standing still is death and this album is the blueprint for anyone who wants to try something out in life and thereby increase their quality standards. Excellence is rewarded with 9 / 10

Line Up
Laurent T. – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard
Cedric T. – Gitarre
David D. – guitar
01. Echoes of Light
02. A Death Though No Loss
03. Shallow Nights
04. Selenophile
05. Gold/Dust
07. An Ode To The Conqueror

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