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Chen Peisi’s new play “Scary Dreams” premiered in Shanghai. This drama made the audience burst into tears with laughter

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Original title: The Shanghai premiere of Chen Peisi’s new drama “Scary Dream” made the audience burst into tears with laughter

Stills of “Thundering Dreams”.

Originally premiered in Beijing, Chen Peisi’s new work “Amazing Dream” was changed to premiere in Shanghai on November 18, opening the curtain of the Shanghai International Comedy Festival. Thousands of the first audiences spent an unforgettable two and a half hours with Chen Peisi. Not only did the “burden” make people laugh endlessly, but also the deep depiction of human nature. The story of sadness and joy made many audiences smile and laugh. She burst into tears.

Prior to this, the drama “The Stage” starring Chen Peisi and Yang Lixin was very popular, and it has toured hundreds of shows at home and abroad in the past few years. This time, Chen Peisi once again joined hands with Yuyue, the screenwriter of “The Stage”, hoping to bring a brand-new work to audiences with a different experience of watching the drama. Compared with “The Stage”, “Amazing Dream” is no longer a comedy story deliberately woven according to a comedy structure, but a work of tragic and joyful interweaving.

The title of the play “Shocking Dream” was born out of the famous Kunqu Opera “Wandering in the Garden”. The play tells that the Kunqu Opera Troupe and Chunshe were accidentally involved in the strategic location robbed by the two sides in the decisive battle that determined the fate of China. A story that does not cooperate with both parties in theatrical performance. Kunqu Opera “Dream in the Garden” is the core of the drama throughout, including a once-in-a-life performance on the stage, as well as the battle between generals on both sides of the stage. With live accompaniment of the troupe orchestra, the sandal board sounded, the lyrics and the plot were almost perfectly blended, and even more accurately showed the situation and mood of the characters at that time than the dialogue. In the play, the softness of Kunqu Opera and the cruelty of war form a strong contrast, which clearly highlights the theme. The combination of Kunqu Opera and drama is also more adept than “The Stage”.

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In another stage of the play “White Haired Girl”, the appearance of the name “Chen Qiang” caused thunderous applause from the audience. Chen Peisi’s father, Chen Qiang, was nearly shot by a young soldier in the opera “White Haired Girl” created by Lu Yi for his successful interpretation of the landlord Huang Shiren. This time, Chen Peisi not only restored this real historical event on the stage, but also paid tribute to his father through his own interpretation of “Huang Shiren”. Chen Dayu also contributed a wonderful performance in “Amazing Dream”, which made the three generations of grandparents and grandchildren “same stage” across time and space in the same work. Among them, there are both stage ingenuity and memories of the times. It cannot be said that it is a stage story. .

For this creation, Chen Peisi once said that he likes this story very much, so in the creation, it is not what I want to do, but to tailor it according to the structure and shape of this work. “I have always pursued things in the past. I give up on familiar routines. I don’t remodel this work. I let him remodel me willingly.” Now it seems that the “remodeled” Chen Peisi does bring a different side to the audience. He still plays the role of the director of the troupe in this play, but this time, there is a big difference in personality from the “Tong Banzhu” of the Spring Club and the “Hou Banzhu” of the Wuqing Class. . Chen Peisi successfully interprets a new role once again with the change of language and the processing of actions. Chen Dayu, who played a drama with his father for the first time, performed well this time. His “silly son” played by the landlord connected the whole plot, and every time he appeared on stage, the audience burst into laughter.

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The famous actor and instructor Liu Tianchi appeared on stage again after nearly 20 years. In the play, he partnered with Chen Peisi as husband and wife. He played the role of the treasurer in the troupe, and he was full of drama. In the play, He Yu, who plays the commander of the Communist Party and Wu Gang, who plays the commander of the Kuomintang, have not many roles, but each has its own splendor. In addition, the roles of “Dashuai Hong”, “Feng Xiaotong”, “Six Concubine”, and “Captain of the Guard” who came out of “The Stage” all “make great changes”, which also brought surprises to the audience again and again.

After its premiere in Shanghai from November 18th to 21st, “Thrilling Dream” will also go on a national tour. (Niu Chunmei)


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