Home Entertainment Chen Zheyuan’s new drama “My Villain Boyfriend” will be broadcast incarnation of “Paper Man” Gao Tian looking for love jqknews

Chen Zheyuan’s new drama “My Villain Boyfriend” will be broadcast incarnation of “Paper Man” Gao Tian looking for love jqknews

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Chen Zheyuan’s new drama “My Villain Boyfriend” will be broadcast incarnation of “Paper Man” Gao Tian looking for love jqknews

Produced by iQIYI and Qimiao Culture, directed by Li Qingrong, with Lu Han and Li Jingchun as chief screenwriters,Chen Zheyuanstarring Shen Yueepisodemy villain boyfriend” will be broadcast exclusively on iQIYI from today (September 30). It is reported that the premise of the play is that the girl Nan Xing (Shen Yue), who loves to write, accidentally summoned the villain Xiao Wudi (Chen Zheyuan) in her book when she made a wish. A romantic story of loving each other in the neighborhood life and going hand in hand with love. In the play, the “villain boyfriend” Xiao Wudi, played by Chen Zheyuan, subverts the imagination with anti-routines, and incarnates the “paper man” Gao Tian to find love, which provides many highlights for the plot.

“My Villain Boyfriend” Gao Tian launched Chen Zheyuan’s “Villain Paper Man” character

In the preview, Xiao Wudi’s ruthless and ruthless image is impressive, and his poisonous tongue and black belly are also vividly reflected in the mutual confrontation with Nanxing, easily grasping the meaning of “villain” depicted in the title. The two were like friends who were happy to destroy each other. As long as they appeared on the stage, the audience aroused heated discussions, and they all said that “the setting of the villain with a poisonous tongue and the thirsty girl is in love” and “the configuration of the happy enemy is yyds”. In the following plot, Xiao Wudi, a black-bellied young man, coerced Li and lured to successfully move in next door to Nanxing’s house, and the two started the neighborhood life of flying dogs.

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And under the villain’s appearance that looks like a cold and poisonous tongue, Xiao Wudi hides a sincere and kind heart. Although from time to time he uttered harsh words to “threaten” the heroine, but through the little things they got along with, and even Xiao Wudi’s occasional anti-routine behavior to seek comfort for love, the audience also felt Xiao Wudi’s arrogant and cute side. . Through Chen Zheyuan’s interpretation, the audience seems to see Xiao Wudi, the villain written by Nan Xing, jumping on the screen, with a strong sense of substitution.

Chen Zheyuan's new drama

“My Villain Boyfriend” hits Chen Zheyuan before it airs

“My Villain Boyfriend” became a hit before it was broadcast, and its novel settings and material release of high-sweet plots attracted the expectations of a large number of drama-chasing parties. In addition to anticipation, netizens also transferred their love for Xiao Wudi to actor Chen Zheyuan, and praised Chen Zheyuan for bringing the “paper man” in the book to reality.

It is understood that the post-95s Xiao Chen Zheyuan is suitable for both ancient and modern clothes, and has always been down-to-earth on the road of performing arts. From the superior and unruly campus male god Zhou Siyue in “Secrets of Darkness”, to the black-bellied villain Xiao Wudi in “My Villain Boyfriend”, to the warm-hearted and romantic brother in “Can’t Hide Secretly” Duan Jiaxu and Chen Zheyuan’s performances have been well received and paid attention by the audience, and they have also become the preferred male protagonists in today’s small drama market. Whether it is the sour secret love hidden in the campus drama or the adult love full of sweetness and abuse, Chen Zheyuan’s exploration and expression of the role has never stopped, which also makes people pay more attention to his wonderful performance in the future.

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It is reported that in the plot of “My Villain Boyfriend” there are many scenes of high sweet names. To unlock the plot, please lock iQIYI “My Villain Boyfriend”!

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