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Chinese Director Wang Xiaoshuai’s Film ‘Fertile Ground’ Blocked by CCP: Censorship and Consequences

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Chinese Director Wang Xiaoshuai’s Film ‘Fertile Ground’ Blocked by CCP: Censorship and Consequences

Chinese Independent Film “Fertile Ground” Directed by Wang Xiaoshuai Completely Blocked by CCP

In a shocking turn of events, the Chinese independent film “Fertile Ground” directed by Wang Xiaoshuai has been completely blocked by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The film, which was shortlisted for the prestigious Berlin Film Festival, had its entry on Douban, a popular Chinese movie database, removed along with all relevant reports and film reviews.

“Fertile Ground” failed to pass the official censorship of the CCP and was not granted the “Dragon Label”, a sign that Chinese and foreign films are eligible for public screening in mainland China after being reviewed by authorities. This rejection led to the film being banned in China and subsequently blocked from being released through regular channels.

The film, adapted from Li Shijiang’s short story “Grandpa’s Tricks”, follows the story of a teenage boy in a poor village in northwest China in 2009. Through communication with his grandfather’s ghost, the boy learns about the man-made disasters caused by the CCP’s policies in the 1950s.

Wang Xiaoshuai, known for his previous award-winning film “Eternal Life”, expressed his disappointment in an exclusive interview with Variety. He revealed that despite making over 50 edits and deletions at the request of the censorship agency, “Fertile Ground” still failed to pass the review process after 15 months of communication.

The director also disclosed that he and his production company were under pressure from the authorities, who contacted him during the Berlin Film Festival and threatened serious consequences if he did not withdraw the film from the competition. Despite the risks, Wang Xiaoshuai remained defiant, stating that the film was a reflection of China’s history and reality that he wanted to share with the world.

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This is not the first time Wang Xiaoshuai has faced censorship from the CCP. His previous film, “17 Years Old Bicycle”, was banned after winning an award at the Berlin Film Festival for participating in foreign competitions without passing censorship.

As Wang Xiaoshuai continues to navigate the challenges of censorship in China, the fate of “Fertile Ground” remains uncertain. The director’s commitment to telling meaningful stories despite political obstacles serves as a reminder of the importance of artistic freedom and expression in a restrictive society.

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