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concert #12: shitney beers @ arena dreiraum | May 8, 2023

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concert #12: shitney beers @ arena dreiraum |  May 8, 2023

A beautiful concert evening between loud and quiet music: “Shitney Beers” impressed in the Arena Dreiraum!

I actually wanted to check out “Shitney Beers” at the Waves Festival in autumn 2022, but scheduling conflicts put a damper on my plans at the time. When I saw a few weeks later that a single gig at the Arena Dreiraum was on the tour schedule, it was clear to me: I had to go there! said and done. That evening, together with my partner, I made our way to the rocky Arena Dreiraum.

Before the evening started with the support act, I first checked out the wonderful merch stand. I was impressed by a yellow shirt with a toilet paper roll and the print “lactose intolerant” – “shitney beers”. That was just exactly my sense of humor. But in the end I didn’t buy it and to be honest: I regret it a bit.

A little later we moved to the stage because the mysterious supporting band “disneys tote pause II“ was in the starting blocks. And I can’t really say too much about it, just this much: a person dressed as “Death” croaked into the microphone and that was sometimes quite entertaining but also dispensable. Unfortunately, it was not resolved who was really behind the mask in the end. Maybe that’s why no one bought the corresponding 1-euro candy at the merch stand. we will never know.

at some point it came “shitney beers” along with the band on stage and the audience pricked up their ears. The focus of everyone present was solely on the musical performance of the artist and her band and I thought that was nice. Nobody dared to speak a word, everyone listened attentively. This intimate gig was the best thing that could have happened to Shitney Beers. Their songs, the slow ones but also the wilder ones, were immediately transmitted to the audience, the melodies basically went through the marrow.

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These indie pieces, which ranged somewhere between punk, rock and pop, were a real treat for the hearing organs. A small anchor, between all the songs I didn’t know, was the Suzanne Vega cover “My Namce is Luca” – and that’s when Shitney Beers convinced me anyway. This number sounded at the right time and in the right place. After that it went a little deeper, it became a little more intense with the ballad “Long Distance”. Everyone was still listening attentively and I loved that. It was so great to stand in the middle of such an appreciative crowd and notice how the music slowly but surely touched everyone.

The set continued and at some point the hit “Peaches Style” was heard, which is simply an absolute catchy tune. Everyone bopped along comfortably before the music took a wilder direction again. it became louder, more blurred, more chaotic and more punky. and I was a fan of this musical variety! The band supposedly ended their set with “Pop Queen”. But of course we were able to enjoy an encore and it was quite something! We were treated to the Bloodhound Gang cover “The Bad Touch” and it was sometimes loud and sometimes very quiet – actually this last song reflected the whole concert and ultimately ended in complete ecstasy.

Last but not least, all I can say is: this whole “Shitney Beers” concert was simply great – the band seemed super friendly and the sequence of songs was extremely varied. it was just fun! Thank you Shitney Beers, for this evening and for all the references to a certain body secretion. I celebrated that!

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