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Everyone to the mall: we will choose the car together with the shopping

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Everyone to the mall: we will choose the car together with the shopping

ROME – Entering a shopping center complete with escalators and crowds of Sunday shoppers on the assault. Buy pizza, shoes, jacket, shampoo and pizza, maybe take a stroll at Ikea and eventually go home even with a Toyota under your arm. It is the future, or rather the present, which awaits the automotive sales network and on which the Japanese brand has already carried out two experiments, one in Paris and one, in recent days, in Ravenna. In fact, after the construction of the French showroom in Eragny north of Paris, the first European test for the new Retail Concept, now it is the turn of the Toyota “Moreno” Showroom, the first case in Italy of a dealership inside a shopping center and set up with the new concept defined by Toyota’s European Headquarters.

It is not the usual exposition, which we already sometimes come across. This time it is possible to configure your car, using the Beyond Zero platform dedicated to sustainable mobility and electrification, up to the area dedicated to used vehicles “Toyota Approved”. “Our new Showroom concept marks an important step in our ambition to become the electrified mobility brand of choice for customers,” explains Paolo Moroni, Director Customer Experience & Network Development at Toyota Motor Italia. “The new store design, as in the format developed for the Ravenna shopping center, activates both the new Brand Experience and a new way of working for our dealers. By putting all our products and services under one roof, we make the dealer assume a central role in the new Customer Experience we want to offer our customers. In this innovative space, customers can, for example, seamlessly complete their journey started in the “digital marketplace” with a memorable and beyond expectations in-store experience, where our dealers provide that essential “human touch” and differentiating “. (fp)

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