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Exploring Immortality: The Premiere of ‘After Eternal Life’ Offers a Thought-Provoking Soft Science Fiction Drama

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The drama “After Eternal Life” premieres online, a warm B-side of a soft science fiction drama

Workers Daily-China Industry Network reporter Wu Lirong

If there was a medicine that could extend a person’s life to 10,000 years, would you take it? What if the price is to give up giving birth to a new life, otherwise the penalty is to “immediately stop taking the immortality medicine and face natural death”? In the 22nd century AD, with the rapid development of biotechnology, mankind finally successfully developed a life drug that can bring “immortality”. However, this medical miracle has triggered a profound moral dilemma: immortality and the birth of new life can only face cruelty. “Choose one or two”: end your life or bravely welcome a new life?

This is the story proposition thrown out in the science fiction novel “After Eternal Life”. The drama “After Eternal Life” adapted from this novel will be officially launched online on February 13. You can watch the drama for free on iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku Video, Bilibili, Mango TV and other video platforms. Full film. The original author of the novel “After Life” is Liang Jianzhang, chairman of the board of directors of Ctrip Group and a demographic economist. The stage play “After Life” is produced by Shanghai Guanyou Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and directed by Zhou Ke, a well-known drama and musical director.

In fact, artistic works about immortality are not uncommon. The novel “The End of Eternity” by American science fiction writer Asimov fictionalizes the existence model of “eternal time and space”, and “The Dark Forest”, the third part of Liu Cixin’s “Three-Body”, The heroine wakes up from hibernation and faces a life-or-death decision. Different from most previous works that explore the good and evil of technology and ethics, “After Eternal Life” takes a different approach and rethinks this issue from the perspective of the innovation and inheritance of human civilization.

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The producer of the drama “After Eternal Life” believes that this soft science fiction drama brings up a series of topics that young people cannot avoid, such as “love, family, life and death”, and uses an innovative audio-visual drama form to discuss the development of science and technology, the ultimate change and impact it brings to human society, allows everyone to have more thoughts about the meaning of life while watching it immersively; it also provides young people who like science fiction themes with an “electronic perspective” with both rationality and warmth. Mustard”.

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