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Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong starred in the movie “The Hachiko” scheduled for March 31_Guangming.com

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Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong starred in the movie “The Hachiko” scheduled for March 31_Guangming.com

On March 2, produced by iQiyi Films, directed by Xu Ang, supervised by Ye Rufen, starring Feng Xiaogang, Chen Chong and the Chinese pastoral dog Rhubarb, starring Bai Jugang and Huang Chutong, the movie “The Hachiko of the Loyal Dog” invited by Qian Bote was officially released It is scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide on March 31.

The movie “Hachiko” is adapted from the original play “The Story of Hachiko” written by Kaneto Shinto. On the basis of retaining the emotional core of the original work, it pays more attention to localization. The film crew moved the background of the story to Chongqing, which is full of fireworks, and specially selected the Chinese Pastoral Dog as the protagonist of the film, presenting Chinese-style deep love and fetters with a more down-to-earth family life.

The film’s main creative lineup is also exciting. Xu Ang, who once directed the movie “Twelve Citizens” and won unanimous praise from the media, film critics and ordinary audiences, served as the director of the film; Ye Rufen, a gold medal producer with “well-known reputation” in the industry, supervised the production. The audience is full of expectations.

The preview released this time presents the story of the dog meeting and waiting with the Chen family: University professor Chen Jingxiu (played by Feng Xiaogang) met a puppy on the way out for inspection, and he secretly took it home with pity, but Strongly opposed by his wife Li Jiazhen (played by Chen Chong), the unexpected arrival of the puppy seems to have brought a lot of trouble to the family. But with the daily companionship and companionship, the puppy was gradually accepted by the family, and got a lovely name—Batong. The happy and touching story of Batong and the Chen family gradually kicked off.

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The fixed-file posters released together are also full of warmth. A family of five gathered in front of their convenience store, everyone’s faces were filled with warmth. Batong occupies a corner of the screen with its own mahjong tiles in its mouth, as if mischievously “stealing the scene”. The soft and cute puppy hits the softest part of people’s hearts at once, and the family of five accompanied and waited for each other amidst laughter and cursing. The healing story with laughter and tears will be staged this spring.

I believe that when the film is released, this warm story will surely touch more people.

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