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FILA Launches High-End Italian Luxury Sports Series: FILA MILANO

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FILA Launches High-End Italian Luxury Sports Series: FILA MILANO

Italian sportswear brand FILA has unveiled its new high-end Italian luxury sports series, FILA MILANO. Known for its fashion-forward designs, FILA MILANO was created in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. The collection combines elements of sports and leisure with fashionable tailoring details, creating a pure, clean, and elegant style that leads the trend of Athflow wearing.

The concept of Athflow emphasizes the combination of comfort and fashion, allowing wearers to move freely and comfortably while still maintaining a sense of elegance. The clean and neat tailoring of the FILA MILANO series makes it suitable for various occasions such as business, leisure, and travel. It is designed to cater to different body shapes, representing the comfort and decency sought after by contemporary urban dwellers.

Taking inspiration from Milan Fashion Week trends, the FILA MILANO collection was created in the FILA Milan Design Studio. The brand utilized Italian high-end fabrics and fashion tailoring techniques to present a perfect silhouette, redefining high-end sports fashion. FILA made history in 2018 by becoming the first sports brand to be featured on the main schedule of Milan Fashion Week.

The FILA MILANO series offers a wide range of clothing categories, including windbreakers, suits, sweaters, jackets, and trousers. It provides a one-stop dressing experience for young people who embrace the Athflow style. The windbreaker’s neat tailoring creates a flattering silhouette, while other products in the series feature ingenious details that exude a ceremonial sense, adding a capable aura to the wearer. Elements of FILA’s classic Polo shirt, such as the iconic pinstripe, are reinterpreted, merging modern fashion temperament with timeless classic style. Premium Italian sports fabrics are carefully selected, and the brand’s artisans hand-sew Swarovski rhinestone decorations onto the clothing, injecting a luxurious touch.

The new FILA MILANO series continues the brand’s century-long classic legacy while leading the new trend of high-end sports fashion. The series will be available in limited quantities nationwide starting on August 17. Additionally, from September 3rd to September 10th, the FILA ATHFLOW pop-up store will open in Shanghai’s IAPM, offering an immersive experience of the Italian luxury sports lifestyle showcased by the FILA MILANO series.

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The FILA MILANO series will be available in select stores across different regions. In Shanghai, the collection can be found at FILA Global New Concept Store-Shanghai No. 1, Shanghai Huanmao IAPM FILA Store, Shanghai Hongqiao Road Ganghui Plaza FILA Store, and Shanghai Qiantan Taikoo Li FILA ULTRA. In Beijing, it will be available at FILA Global New Concept Store-Beijing One, Beijing Yuanda Road Jinyuan New Lufthansa FILA Store, Beijing SKP FILA ULTRA, and Beijing China World Mall FILA Store. In Nanjing, the collection will be available at FILA Store in Nanjing Central Shopping Center, FILA Global New Concept Store-Nanjing No. 1, and Nanjing Deji Plaza. In Chengdu, customers can find the FILA MILANO series at Chengdu IFS Brand Center Store and Chengdu Chunxi Taikoo Li Second Store. Shenyang residents can visit Shenyang Vientiane City FILA ULTRA for their chance to purchase items from the collection.

Be sure to grab your favorite pieces from the FILA MILANO series, as it promises a comfortable sports experience with a touch of Italian elegance.

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