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Foxtails – Home – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on April 19, 2024 in EP

Screamo and Midwest Emo floated free in post-rock and hardcore: the exceptional talents Foxtails think on the EP Home (after Violet) their 2022 album Fawn continue again.

In terms of production, however, they do this in a noticeably more raw and unpolished way, go back to the rehearsal room and present themselves as an alternative to lo-fi: Deconstruction even leans into a real demo flair and initially stumbles while cruising like a reminiscence of that Sweater Song von Weezer, appears more quickly at times and brushes the emoviolence against the grain just as manically as it is comforted. A bit like the very early ones At the Drive-In madly exhausted in an Americana landscape. The melancholic aggression of Home Here too, noise is in love, but above all it is melodic and inviting, profound and disorientating, hallucinogenically gripping. And Home as a whole, giving a tapered, rounded, but less fulfilling context than Fawn.

this project was written about a year and a half ago, and only recently released due to perfectionist demons i’ve had to wrestle with while learning how to mix from scratch. i had absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in mixing or production before this extremely difficult and personal project, and although i wish i had started with something less torturous, i am glad i was able to make it out the other side.“ writes the quartet from Connecticut about the almost twelve minutes of their “genre alchemy for queer outcasts“ and wins with the risk: the idiosyncratic sound takes some getting used to at first glance, but at second glance it creates a characteristic individuality that blends fabulously with the great songwriting Foxtails tolerates.

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Dereliction begins contemplatively, thoughtfully, calmly and slowly like a post-hardcore reverie in a psychedelic trance, the clear vocals of Blue Luno Solaz change to a keening attack, the guitars and drums seem to be recorded in different spheres, while the number rears up longingly.
Dissection then sounds like a muted remix from the club in the basement opposite, the rhythm dominates and the elegiac melody expands almost to the spoken word thoughtfulness, while instrumentally there is a jazzy-folkloristic slope with a concise fiddle that the band has its teeth into beats with hissing desperation and the correlation between straight and fever-dream-like – abstract even assimilates a tribal and sing-song part: Foxtails continue to grow!

home by foxtails

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