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GRILLMASTER FLASH – “The Last Metalhead” feat. Rodrigo Gonzalez

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GRILLMASTER FLASH – “The Last Metalhead” feat.  Rodrigo Gonzalez

GRILLMASTER FLASH – full-time entertainer and singer/songwriter from Bremen-Nord – has already shown himself to be cleverly willing to change on his previous albums. After stadium rock, punk EP, power pop and classic rock, “Grilli” dedicates his next album to his great, first love: metal!

Today, “The Last Metalhead” is the first single from the album “FLÆSH MËTAL”, which will be released on March 1st, 2024 by Grand Hotel van Cleef. And because metal is a matter for the boss, Grilli gets support: the lead guitars for the six and a half minute long epic were recorded by Rodrigo González from DIE ÄRZTE. And he’s not the only DÄ member you can hear on the new album…

In the great music video for the song, a busy blacksmith is on the search for the coveted element “Metal” and has to go through numerous adventures to achieve it – Or was it all just a dream?

The nine songs on “FLÆSH MËTAL” use a wide variety of styles of metal and pay homage to the varied genre. Stylish, eloquent, with a lot of dedication to the music: “FLÆSH MËTAL” is a sincere love letter to metal.

“I’ve always listened to metal for as long as I’ve been involved with music. At the age of 13 I came into contact with bands like IRON MAIDEN and METALLICA. After that there was actually no way back. The first thing I learned to play on the guitar were metal and hard rock riffs,” Grilli tells us about his passion.

Apparently it was only a matter of time before the likeable jack-of-all-trades would dedicate himself to his old love: The result is a German-language heavy metal album that is fun, but is serious about its admiration for the musical role models at every second. A bow and idiosyncratic interpretation in one. Because: Grilli can do anything!

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In addition to Rodrigo González, Bela B from DIE ÄRZTE (vocals on “The Dog of Baskerville”), Sascha Madsen (drums on “Die Superbösen”), Markus Kavka (“Outro”) and others can also be heard on the album. “FLÆSH MËTAL” is published by Grand Hotel van Cleef and can be pre-ordered now. The deluxe edition of the album contains not only a metal patch but also a chili sauce!


01. The Last Metalhead (ft. Rodrigo González)
02. The Super Bad Ones (ft. Sascha Madsen, Sven Nienaber/MÖRSER)
03. Music, only when it’s hard
04. Trapped in the friend zone
05. I believe in the lawnmower man
06. Nothing new in space
07. The Hound of Baskervilles (ft. Bela B)
08. Bremen-Nord Powerchord
09. It wasn’t enough for less
10. Outro (ft. Marcus Kavka)


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