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“Hot and Spicy” Movie Sparks Weight Loss Discussions: Can Jia Ling’s Transformation Be Replicated?

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“Hot and Spicy” Movie Sparks Weight Loss Discussions: Can Jia Ling’s Transformation Be Replicated?

The movie “It’s Hot” has caused heated discussions, and health experts said- Jia Ling’s style of weight loss is difficult to copy. There is a “guide” for ordinary people to lose weight.

Quanzhou Net, February 22 (Rong Media Reporter Wu Shuibao) During the Spring Festival, the movie “Hot and Spicy” triggered high-frequency topics such as “inspirational to lose weight” and “win for yourself”. Director and starring Jia Ling lost 100 pounds in less than a year. Can it be replicated by ordinary people? Is there any “guide” for ordinary people to actually lose weight? With these questions, the reporter interviewed relevant experts.

Doctor: “Jia Ling-style weight loss” is difficult for ordinary people to follow

After “Hot and Spicy” was released, Jia Ling also published her weight loss diary. Jia Ling started losing weight in January 2023, initially weighing 210 kilograms. On November 11, 2023, her weight dropped to 109 kilograms.

Jia Ling’s base weight before losing weight was relatively large and her weight loss cycle was long. She lost weight under scientific guidance and the support of a professional team, so she achieved such results. Can ordinary people copy it? The reporter consulted Liang Bo, chief physician of the Comprehensive Obesity Management Clinic of the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University. He said that the medically appropriate rate of weight loss is 4-6 pounds per month, which can be achieved by ordinary people in one year. Can lose sixty or seventy pounds. “People with a large base lose weight quickly, but many people encounter bottlenecks during the weight loss plateau.” Liang Bo introduced.

Although “Jia Ling-style weight loss” can be achieved, it is more difficult for ordinary people who do not have the support of a professional team and whose will fluctuates to follow suit. Ordinary people must lose weight safely and step by step.

Weight Loss Note: “Fat Wu” kept running and lost 65 pounds

Colleagues affectionately call him “Fat Wu”. When he was in college, he was already 180 centimeters tall. After starting work in the second half of 2012, he did not pay attention to exercise and diet, and his weight reached 200 pounds. After marriage, he became “happily fat” and his weight “topped” at 220 pounds.

“In July 2018, I went to the hospital with unbearable pain in my heel. The doctor said it was caused by being too heavy. At that time, I learned from the painful experience and decided to lose weight.” “Fat Wu” saw that his figure was out of shape and affected his health, so he forced himself to strengthen his will. First of all, I controlled my diet, stopped drinking drinks, halved my food intake, and even gave up my favorite ice cream. What’s more important is that he goes for a run rain or shine and insists on running at least 3 kilometers every day. After gritting his teeth and persisting for a month, he lost 20 pounds. The effect was gratifying, but his weight base was large and there was still a lot of room for reduction.

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Persistence is the key to success. After that, “Fat Wu” made sure to run five days a week, four or five kilometers a day. In the second year of losing weight, he lost a full 65 pounds. He went to participate in the half marathon and finished the race without much burden. Nowadays, “Fat Wu” has become accustomed to running as a part of his daily life, and his physical condition is better than that of many of his peers.

Tips: Reasonable diet combined with scientific exercise

Experts say that the main cause of obesity is lower consumption than intake (except for obesity caused by specific diseases). Therefore, the main principle of weight loss is to reduce caloric intake and increase caloric expenditure.

How do ordinary people lose weight? Liang Bo said that no weight loss method is uniquely effective, and scientific weight loss requires comprehensive management. First, you must evaluate your own physical condition, set a weight loss goal, and monitor yourself and others. Secondly, formulate reasonable and appropriate nutritional prescriptions and dietary patterns based on individual circumstances and weight loss goals. Furthermore, formulate scientific exercise prescriptions based on personal characteristics, proceed step by step and stick to them for a long time. For obese patients with a BMI above 32 who develop metabolic disorders or complications that are difficult to correct through dietary control, drug intervention or bariatric surgery can be considered after weighing the pros and cons.

Guide: “Total lifestyle management” is effective

In November 2023, the “20 Weight Loss Actions for Healthy Weight Management of Chinese Residents: Consensus of Expert Recommendations Based on Scientific Evidence” (hereinafter referred to as the “Consensus”) compiled by the expert group of the Obesity Prevention and Control Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society was released, which focuses on 6 theme, and put forward 20 suggestions on Chinese residents’ weight loss actions. Liang Bo introduced that the hospital’s comprehensive obesity management diagnosis and treatment is based on the “Consensus” as a reference.

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The “Consensus” points out that unhealthy lifestyle is the main risk factor for overweight and obesity. Weight loss requires diet control and increased physical activity, and “total lifestyle management” can help effectively lose weight. “Full lifestyle management” refers to the simultaneous implementation of multi-dimensional lifestyle intervention for overweight and obese people, which mainly includes three elements: diet, exercise and behavioral intervention.

how to eat? On the basis of controlling total calories, adhering to a balanced dietary pattern based on cereals is beneficial to weight loss. The daily diet should include cereals and potatoes, vegetables and fruits, livestock, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and legumes, and reduce the intake of oil, salt and sugar. Key points: Increase dairy products appropriately; avoid “snacks at midnight” and “skipping breakfast”; pay attention to “chew carefully and eat slowly” when losing weight, and it is recommended that the meal time be >20 minutes.

How to “move”? Key points: Aerobic, resistance, and high-intensity interval exercise are all effective; for weight loss, the recommended time is >250 minutes/week.

How to “sleep”? Key points: “Good sleep” can make weight loss twice the result with half the effort. It is recommended that it be no less than 7 hours; it is equally important to relieve psychological stress. In addition, the “Consensus” points out that acupuncture, drugs and surgery should be considered when weight loss is necessary.

Reminder: Choose “weight loss miracle drug” carefully

“Challenge 30 pounds, easily lose weight, eat quickly and lose weight quickly.” “Burn fat and lose weight quickly with prune juice. Drink it on the same day and lose weight.” “One pill to lose weight for the whole body, challenge 30 pounds in 7 days.” On some online shopping platforms, a The “magic pills for losing weight” and “slimming foods” are eye-catching with their exaggerated words, making some obese people eager to try them.

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In this regard, Liang Bo introduced that formal and legal nutritional weight-loss foods mainly add dietary fiber and reduce energy intake. However, these products are often expensive and have limited effects, and weight loss is a comprehensive project. It is not just about eating some food that can improve your body. It is recommended that citizens go to the nutrition clinic of a regular hospital to consult a doctor and formulate corresponding nutritional meals based on individual differences. , control energy intake in daily diet.

In addition, some weight loss products that are marketed as health care products and food are actually toxic and harmful foods. They are often illegally added with prohibited ingredients, such as sibutramine (which may increase serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risks. my country has stopped the production, sale and use of sibutramine preparations and APIs since 2010), phenolphthalein, etc. Eating these products will Seriously endanger human health. In November 2023, the “two highs” jointly released typical cases of crimes endangering food safety. The defendant Zeng Mouwei collaborated with others to produce weight-loss tablet candies and other weight-loss products containing sibutramine and other toxic and harmful ingredients. He was finally sentenced to eight years and six months in prison.

Although the antidiabetic drug semaglutide can bring about weight reduction, obesity has not been included in the indications for use in my country. Use beyond the indications or unreasonable use has obvious side effects, and in severe cases, it may even require treatment. He was sent to the emergency room for emergency treatment, and once he stopped taking the medicine, he would face the problem of weight regain or even gain weight.

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