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JACK& JONES, ONLY, VERO MODA under the Lingzhi Group opened their flagship stores on JD.com_TOM News

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JACK& JONES, ONLY, VERO MODA under the Lingzhi Group opened their flagship stores on JD.com_TOM News

On September 24, Jingdong New Department Store and Lingzhi Group jointly launched Lingzhi Jingdong Super Brand Day. Lingzhi Group’s five major apparel brands, JACK& JONES, ONLY, VERO MODA, SELECTED, and J.LINDEBERG, presented autumn and winter new products in various categories such as down jackets, sweaters, sweatpants, and jeans, and offered a great discount of 1,000 minus 450 across stores. Bringing more rich and diverse quality and trendy choices for consumers in autumn and winter.

At the same time, JACK& JONES, ONLY, VERO MODA Jingdong self-operated flagship stores also grandly opened during the Super Brand Day. .

It is worth noting that since the “Qiu Shangxin” of Jingdong’s new department store in September, JACK& JONES, ONLY, VERO MODA, and J.LINDEBERG of Lingzhi Group have launched the joint name of Ivy League schools, GEN Z series, and Teddy on Jingdong’s new department store online. Bear IP joint name and other series of new autumn and winter products. New products for autumn and winter were unveiled on the Super Brand Day of Lingzhi JD.com, fully meeting the needs of consumers of different styles for autumn and winter installations.

Among the first new products unveiled this time, the men’s clothing brand JACK& JONES, in conjunction with Harvard and Yale, launched IVY Ivy League school joint series of new products, including sweaters, sweaters, sweatpants, jackets and other categories of men’s practical casual wear, with classic school Logos, school emblems, mascots, etc. are inspired to recreate the classic urban style.

J.LINDEBERG’s debut line, Gen-Z, focuses on the young generation of the Z generation, showing the fashion vitality of young people with fashionable and bright colors and design styles. ONLY and VERO MODA, two popular women’s clothing brands, have launched a number of IP co-branded series such as teddy bears and Disney Mary cats. In addition, ONLY has also joined hands with well-known designers to launch the national trendy CR series down jackets based on thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. There are various styles such as diamond and stitching to choose from, making the “new Chinese style”cool girlWarm for the winter.

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JACK& JONES, ONLY, VERO MODA under the Lingzhi Group opened their flagship stores on JD.com

JACK & JONES Harvard University joint sweater, ONLY Disney joint sweater, VERO MODA teddy bear joint fleece sweatpants

In addition to launching new autumn and winter products online, JD.com also joined hands with the five major brands of Lingzhi Group to select light business shirts, trench coats, commuter dresses, workwear casual pants and other new trends in autumn and winter clothing and fashion accessories in the Super Brand Day special. , to meet the fashionable wear needs of multiple scenarios such as style workplaces, leisure leisure, weekend travel, etc. At the same time, the Lingzhi Jingdong super brand special session also specially set up two sub-venues for men’s clothing and women’s clothing, which is convenient for consumers to buy on demand.

JACK& JONES, ONLY, VERO MODA under the Lingzhi Group opened their flagship stores on JD.com

SELECTED striped shirt, J.LINDEBERG business jacket, ONLY knitted dress

After the brands of Lingzhi Group entered JD.com in 2021, Jingdong New Department Store, with its in-depth insights into clothing consumption trends, from formulating strategies, setting goals, to product, user, marketing, operation, and promotion rhythm, continues to serve Lingzhi Group. Its stores provide customized solutions to enhance the brand’s operational capabilities, bringing certainty and stable growth to the brand.The “group” opening of a number of self-operated flagship stores such as JACK & JONES relies on JD.com’s supply chain capabilities andDigital technologyIn terms of advantages, it will link consumers with more abundant commodities and high-quality services.

On September 24th, the Jingdong Super Brand Day of Lingzhi Fashion was grandly opened. The autumn and winter multi-brand and multi-series were launched online, and there were more trendy new products and hot-selling products of various categories. Cross-store full 1000 minus 450, to meet the diverse autumn and winter of consumers installation requirements. When you come to Jingdong New Department Store, you can always choose your favorite!

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