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KNIFE – First single and video from upcoming album

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KNIFE – First single and video from upcoming album

German metal veterans KNIFE announce their new album Heaven Into Dust, out August 25th, 2023 via Napalm Records. First single “Heaven Into Dust” + official music video now released.

There’s a new metal kid in town! The up-and-coming German band KNIFE present their new album and Napalm Records debut “Heaven Into Dust”, which will be released on August 25th, 2023, a mixture of speed and first wave black metal peppered with punk elements! Formed in 2019, the band have braved the pandemic and quickly made a name for themselves on the scene with their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album Knife (2021). German Metal Hammer predicted that KNIFE would hit like a torpedo and gave the album an impressive 6/7 rating. Now the quartet delivers the sharpest blade that obeys the authentic sound of raw extreme metal.

With the new single and the title track “Heaven Into Dust”, the hot mix settles down in the wild abysses of Speed ​​Metal. With gory screams and unstoppable drum parts, the German quartet smashes demons against the wall and sets the sky ablaze as they tear through the air with headbang-worthy guitar lines. With their official music video they eat the soul out of the fans, the aggression of the darkness drives you on.

KNIFE on Heaven Into Dust:
“Bangers! The gates are open! A storm of frenzied Speed ​​Metal will bring you FIRE! The KNIFE is back! The attack has begun! ‘Heaven Into Dust’!

Check out the official music video for “Heaven Into Dust” HERE:

Fast, wild and unstoppable – the German upstarts KNIFE deliver the sharpest Speed ​​Metal!

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KNIFE’s new album begins with dramatic organ tones and unsettling whispers. Album opener Hawks Of Hades sets the tone for their latest chapter. Sharp punk screams rule the darkness along with an eclectic arrangement. Followed by the rousing track “Night Vision” which is laid by remarkable classic rock riffs as unbridled drums rage along with shredding guitars. Crowned by a catchy, raw chorus, vocalist Vince Nihil blends perfectly into the fiery, demonic atmosphere. ’80s hard rock and heavy metal influences are evident on songs like “With Torches They March” and “Black Oath and Spells,” and the band show their ability to craft remarkable choruses inspired by high pitched vocals, searing guitar solos and leading drum beats. In the closing “No Gods in the Dark” KNIFE continues the dynamic as unyielding screeching screams duel with shredding riffs before the instrumental finale fades away. With “Heaven Into Dust” the band have really sharpened their tools of the trade, instantly getting the listener’s heart beating while keeping the devil’s horns alive.

KNIFE say about the upcoming album Heaven Into Dust:
“The black leather dogs are back! The second sound attack is imminent. In anger and fury the blade is swung! The KNIFE is back to bring you the true sound of steel. Sent by the gods of rock ‘n’ roll, there’s no turning back. Heaven Into Dust!

Heaven Into Dust tracklisting:

1.  Hawks of Hades
2.  Night Vision
3.  Heaven into Dust
4.  Iron Sceptre
5.  With Torches They March
6.  Black Oath and Spells
7.  The Arson Alchemist
8.  A Phantom Devised
9.  Realm of Violence
10. No Gods in the Dark


KNIFE are:

Vince Nihil – Vocals
Laz Knife – Guitar
Gypsy Danger – Bass
Ferli Knife – Drums


knife KNIFE - First single and video from the forthcoming album knife

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