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Marc Jacobs Officially Releases 2023 Fall Collection Show

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Marc Jacobs Officially Releases 2023 Fall Collection Show

Marc Jacobs officially unveiled its Fall 2023 show, one of fashion’s fastest catwalks at the New York Public Library, with 29 models showing up to the designer for a final bow—all in three minutes.

Such an operation seems to be an expression of the accelerating trend cycle of the industry, and it may also be a reflection of the shortening of the attention span of modern people. There are many speculations about such things, but Marc Jacobs did not give the real reason.

Consistent with the latter theory, the show notes found on the guest seats were also written using the newly established Open AI technology via ChatGPT: “The Marc Jacobs fashion show captivated audiences with its innovative approach to blending menswear-inspired tailoring with feminine aesthetics.”

Either way, it’s a bold statement from Marc Jacobs.

This season’s style is dominated by black and white tones, playing with the tradition of men’s and women’s wardrobes, indirectly eliminating the boundaries between the two, such as rebellious skirt dresses, special bras with emphasizing shoulders, and a boxy silhouette that balances out Playful, sexy and masculine, while the hairstyles of the models are more reminiscent of Daryl Hannah’s android Pris in the movie “Blade Runner”, full of futuristic but unique 80s punk style.

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