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European Games group match Antonsen upset out knockout matches released with 29 days schedule_Competition_Mixed Doubles_Women’s Doubles

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European Games group match Antonsen upset out knockout matches released with 29 days schedule_Competition_Mixed Doubles_Women’s Doubles

Original title: Antonsen was upset in the group stage of the European Games and the knockout match was released with the 29th schedule

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On June 29, the badminton event of the 2023 European Games entered the knockout stage. Except for mixed doubles, the knockout matches for the other four individual events were released, and the mixed doubles group stage entered the final round.

The famous Danish player Antonsen capsized in the gutter of the group stage. As the No. 2 seed, the Danish star Antonsen unexpectedly lost to his opponent with two 19-21 in the second round of the group stage against the Swedish player Brest; In the final game against Finnish player Korjonen, it took three hard games to win.

In the end, Antonsen, Brest, and Kohljonin all had 2 wins and 1 loss, forming a loop. However, Antonsen’s game score was 4 wins and 3 losses, which was not as good as Brest’s 5 wins and 2 losses and Cole’s Jorning’s 5 wins and 3 losses dominated, and Antonsen was upset in the end.

“I knew I had to get a winning streak before the game,” Antonsen said in an interview with the European Badminton Association after the final round of the group stage. “I don’t think I played badly, I played a good game, but Kale (Korjonen) played his best in the first game and he succeeded. In the end, he gave The extra pressure on me, the extra speed he has in the game, it’s a stressful situation for me because I only get one chance. That’s what it is. Of course I’m pissed off. But there’s nothing I can do about it now, just To be able to go back to work and be better.”

When Antonsen arrived in the competition, his mentality was indeed not particularly good.

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The following is the qualifying situation of the four individual teams of men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles.

The final round of the mixed doubles group stage will be held on the 29th.

The following are the draws for the four individual knockout stages of men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles.

In men’s singles, Antonsen’s unexpected exit left only Anselsen and the two Popov brothers on the men’s singles stage. There is almost a 99% probability that Ansailong will win the championship in the end. Let’s see if the Popov brothers can win first One consumes Axelsen’s physical energy, and the other rushes again to see if there is a miracle.

There is not much suspense in the women’s singles, and Marin basically won the championship. The runner-up looks at the situation in the lower half. Mia’s strength is still the strongest, and it is not a big problem to stand out from the encirclement.

The men’s doubles scored 8 and scored 4. It’s hard to say whether the Popov brothers still have the strength to play men’s doubles after the men’s singles. Judging from the fact that they only won the second place in the group stage, the probability of the German combination Ramsfuss/Seidel winning Bigger, the remaining 3 games, less suspense.

Women’s doubles is not much to watch. Recently, German doubles player Luo Hao seems to be in a mediocre state, which has led to a decline in both women’s doubles and mixed doubles results. In the women’s doubles knockout round, they met the Danish team after making 8 and 4. I am afraid it will be difficult to make 4. strong.

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The mixed doubles knockout matches will be announced tomorrow.

Below is the schedule for June 29.

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