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“Please Be My Family” ends tonight Zheng Qiuhong and Xie Binbin guard their family with love-China Entertainment Network

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“Please Be My Family” ends tonight Zheng Qiuhong and Xie Binbin guard their family with love-China Entertainment Network

  China Entertainment News www.yule.com.cn Produced by Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., co-produced by Beijing Chengtou International Media Group Co., Ltd., directed by Li Jie, starring Zheng Qiuhong, Xie Binbin, Zhu Yuanbing, Sheng Huizi, Jin Chong, Yang Xueer, Jie Bing, Mimi, Zhang Yanbo, Huang The urban love drama “Please Be My Family” starring Bosch will end tonight, and the love story of Qi Sile (played by Zheng Qiuhong) and Song Haoyu (played by Song Haoyu) is coming to an end.

“Please Be My Family” tells the story of Qi Sile, a single mother, who marries Song Haoyu, who is also single with a baby, by chance, and starts a journey of raising a baby together. Since its launch on May 25, the play has won the recognition and affirmation of the audience with its ingenious narrative methods. Among them, the romantic and touching love story, the plot setting with multiple reversals, and the vivid and layered character creation, etc. Netizens sparked heated discussions on social media. Many netizens said, “While the show retains sweet love elements, it also adds a lot of suspenseful plots, which makes people look very emotional.” “Please Be My Family” “The plot is sweet and abuse intertwined, and the people who watched it cried and laughed, it is really unique in this summer’s sweet pet drama track!”

  Romantic love and extreme suspense go hand in hand

  Sweet abuse plot to create a Chinese-style family story

In terms of plot creation, “Please Be My Family” adopts a two-line narrative form. On the one hand, it perfectly portrays the romantic love plot that the audience loves to see, so that the audience can resonate with the characters in the play and feel the heart-beating moment; On the one hand, the plot also adds many suspenseful elements. These strong plots and fast-paced plots endow Qi Sile and Song Haoyu with a strong sense of fate and visibility when they meet, know each other, and make each other. In the play, Qi Sile and Song Haoyu enter the marriage hall because of their “baby”. They are two strange individuals, and they gradually discover the bright spots in each other through constant collisions, and gradually comprehend the true meaning of love in the sweet and sad plot. Reshaping the definition of family.

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For most people, family members are not only their weakness, but also the armor that supports them to move forward and fight bravely. “Please Be My Family” tells the audience touching or warm Chinese-style family stories from such a perspective. In the play, a letter from Qi Sile’s father resolved the “conflict” between her and her family, and made the audience in front of the screen cry; Grandpa Song gave up his chance of surgery in order to save Xuanxuan; Song Haoyu secretly supported Qi Sile’s work gave his wife strong support and encouragement; Qi Sile and Song Haoyu did not hesitate to fight Qin Tian on the rooftop in order to save Chenchen and Xuanxuan… These unforgettable moments of family affection make people feel the greatness of family affection and even more Bring power to the audience.

  Focus on character shaping to show growth arc

  Zheng Qiuhong and Xie Binbin protect their family with love

In addition to the intertwined plot of sweetness and abuse, the play also uses vivid and delicate techniques to show the growth arc of each character. Qi Sile’s spirit of striving and enterprising is the reflection of many young people today. From a small employee in a company fighting wits and courage with customers, she finally became a jewelry designer. She seized every opportunity and relied on her own efforts and hard work to finally realize her dream. . In the process of falling in love with Qi Sile, Song Haoyu has undergone a perfect transformation, from not knowing how to express love at the beginning, to expressing emotions bravely in the end, protecting love and family, he has shown his sense of responsibility and responsibility as a husband and the helm of a company. In addition, the other characters in the play are remarkable. Hao Jun, played by Zhu Yuanbing, has grown from an idle boy to an aspiring young man who can take care of himself in the company; Li Xin, who was injured in a relationship (played by Sheng Huizi) finally dared to face love and speak out loudly to the beloved… The transformation and growth of these characters left a deep impression on the audience.

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As the plot progresses, the secrets that the Song family has hidden for many years are like a time bomb, disrupting the peaceful and happy lives of Qi Sile and Song Haoyu. In the recently aired plot, Qi Sile and Song Haoyu guarded their families with love, and finally saved Chenchen and Xuanxuan. Where will the family go after all the hardships and twists and turns, and what will be the end of the two?

For more plots, please pay attention to the finale of “Please Be My Family” at 20:00 today, which will be exclusively broadcast on Mango TV.

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