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Prince Damien: Grease injection at the Beauty Doc in Bremen | Regional

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Prince Damien: Grease injection at the Beauty Doc in Bremen |  Regional

Bremen – If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer…

Prince Damien (33) won the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2016, and in 2020 he took the crown in the RTL jungle show “I am a star – get me out of here!” “The appearance is one of the most important things. Because that’s how you get to know each other and whether you stay together is determined by your character. That’s why the entrance door is the exterior first,” says Damien.

That’s why he now visited Beauty Doc Dr. Bünyamin Özgören (33) in Bremen. And here the singer got his fat off.

The syringe hits the pads on the lower abdomen

Photo: emha

“We used the grease injection on Prince. This is a soy extract mixed with a bile acid. It is used to correct minimal problem areas,” explains Özgören.

How does the syringe work? “The agent is introduced directly into the problem areas and triggers an inflammatory reaction there, whereby the fat cells are metabolized. It is used to correct the smallest problem areas,” says Doc Spritze.

With Dr. Özgören also gave Prince Damien an immune infusion that protects against infections

Photo: emha

Although the ex-jungle king does a lot of exercise, he can’t get rid of the small pockets of fat on his lower abdomen. “They are stubborn,” says Prince Damien. That’s why the syringes have to get to the bacon.

Dr. Bünyamin Özgören is sure that success will come within a few weeks: “The fat cells become fat, burst and are then metabolized and this means you get your body back in shape.”

Spring feelings and love

Just in time. Because spring is just around the corner. Damien to BILD: “Well, apart from the weather, I don’t have any spring fever yet. I’m still single, but I’m not at all closed off to meeting new people.”

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Spring is approaching and Prince Damien is still looking for true love

Photo: emha

His message: “If anyone has spring fever, please feel free to get in touch.”

After his treatment at the beauty doctor, Prince Damien took a walk through Bremen. In no time, dozens of fans gathered around the singer and took selfies.

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Of course, a visit to the town musicians couldn’t be missed. “On my last visit to Bremen in 2016, we also walked past the Bremen Town Musicians. But I didn’t know that you could make a wish by rubbing the animals’ feet.”

Prince Damien has now made up for that. What he wished for remains his secret.

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