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R1SE held the last concert, 11 members gave graduation speeches_Future

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Original title: R1SE held the last concert, 11 members gave graduation speeches

Sohu Entertainment News On the evening of June 13th, R1SE held the last concert and 11 members delivered their graduation speeches.

Zhou Zhennan said that the past two years have caused trouble to everyone, and said: “I never thought that this moment will come so soon. I hope I can wait a little longer. I hope R1SE has not disappointed you! Thank you Xiao Twelve, I hope you can Work hard to realize your dreams and live your life well.”

He Luoluo said: “Our men’s team may be docked! As long as we don’t mention this day, it won’t come. I keep joking that we are just graduating and not disbanding. There may not be eleven people watching the fireworks with you in the future! But The difference is for a better meeting next time.”

Yan Xujia appeared in a wheelchair and expressed his testimony: “It’s not a medical miracle that everything happened too fast. I want to say I’m sorry, but I don’t know if we should be called the twelve men’s team. I hope we will have the opportunity to gather together in the future! I am willing to call the moment of the group the sunrise. It is about to dawn, pack the memories, and continue to set off.”

Xia Zhiguang said: “I like life more than the shining on stage with my brothers. I really have eaten, bathed and surfed the Internet. This time I really want to say goodbye. I thought I would cry, but in fact it’s more. What do you want to cherish? I hope everyone has a better tomorrow! R1SE is the best!”

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Yao Chen gave a graduation speech: “To me today is more like a song that I have listened to for ten years is broadcast to the end. Introducing the big family, all the bits and pieces here have pictures. Today’s rental period is only When I get there, my home in Beijing is still there. Sister Fang is amazing. Thanks Xiao Twelve. R1SE will not disperse, and you guys will not disperse. Work together in the future!”

Zhai Xiaowen said: “I’m so annoying! I dare to say that I haven’t cried in the past two years. I can’t help it today. I said that I will use my hard work to achieve the stage and live up to my expectations with my strength. I hope I will live up to your expectations of me. At the beginning I really didn’t like dancing. Why did I just like dancing when we ended up.”

Zhang Yanqi gave a graduation speech: “I don’t know what I’m going to say in this speech. I just wanted to go down and ask about it when the stage was wrong. But I suddenly thought that there would be no future. Thank you Xiao Twelve. I didn’t expect you to be so cohesive! I hope. No matter what the future is, you can maintain your purest self!”

Liu also said: “We formed a group two years ago. We sweated for our dreams and worked hard to improve ourselves. Looking back now, there are still many disappointments, many regrets, and many good things. We know that little Twelve is the cutest group of little fairies. Almost all the love is given to us, as long as you are here, we will not be separated.”

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Ren Hao made a speech: “I hope that the future will be like “ride the wind and the waves” as we once said. I think R1SE is not a limit. We just climbed over this mountain and saw another place. I don’t want to talk too much. No longer, I hope R1SE will always be in your hearts!”

Zhao Lei said: “The last time I stood here, I didn’t know what my future would be like. As a result, I stood here again and said goodbye. We wrote a lot of songs together. I think these songs will become our best memories in the future. I always think Become your pride, I think I have done it.”

Zhao Rang expressed his graduation speech: “It feels like a lot of things happened yesterday. I am very fortunate that I was able to form a group and be with such good brothers. I also cherish the experience of the past two years. I can’t remember it. Yes, I am happy every day with you. I hope that our small group will continue to have information. Finally, thank you Xiao12!”Return to Sohu to see more


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