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Reviving the Tradition: Wang Xuexue, the Non-Profit Open-Air Film Projectionist Bringing Back Outdoor Movies

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Title: Wang Xuexue: The Non-Profit Open-Air Film Projectionist Bringing Nostalgia to Changchun

In a nostalgic move, the early summer breeze blows through the curtains as residents of Changchun gather for an open-air movie event organized by Wang Xuexue, a passionate non-profit film projectionist. This rare form of outdoor entertainment, reminiscent of the 1950s to 1980s, has become a powerful way to reignite old memories for the generations of Chinese people.

Wang Xuexue’s love for open-air movies stems from his own youthful experiences. During his teenage years, watching an outdoor movie was a luxury that he cherished. Having been unemployed for a few years, Wang decided to invest his time and effort into learning the art of outdoor film projection. With the help of his daughter, who works in the media industry, he built a mobile open-air cinema, complete with a projector and a collection of classic films.

One of the most iconic movies that Wang Xuexue screens is “Heroes and Daughters,” a war film produced by Changchun Film Studio in 1964. The famous line from the film, “For victory, fire at me,” continues to resonate with audiences, evoking a sense of patriotic inspiration.

Wang Xuexue, now 57 years old, has made it his mission to bring the joy of open-air movies to the community. Growing up with limited cultural experiences, movies became a treasured part of his youth. He believes that the impact of movies like “Tunnel Warfare” and “Heroes” played a significant role in shaping his generation.

Since starting his venture, Wang Xuexue has organized twenty-six open-air film screenings for the public welfare of the residents. The first screening encountered some technical difficulties, forcing an early ending. Despite this setback, the determination and passion to share his love for open-air movies led him to establish a successful open-air cinema.

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Transforming his hobby into a profession was not an easy task for Wang Xuexue. To acquire the necessary equipment, such as old-fashioned projectors and film reels, he spent countless hours with collectors who hosted him in their homes. His son and daughter also stepped in to provide financial support. Wang Xuexue’s home has now turned into a studio, housing multiple projectors and a collection of over forty film reels.

With over 70,000 yuan invested in his equipment, Wang Xuexue’s dedication to the art of outdoor film projection is commendable. Alongside the financial commitment, he has spent years learning repair techniques from experienced collectors and has become a professional film restorer. His meticulous efforts ensure that each film reel is in perfect condition for the best viewing experience.

Wang Xuexue’s screenings are carefully planned to avoid repetition, allowing the older generation to reminisce and the younger generation to discover new movies. His passion for open-air movies has not only brought joy to the residents of Changchun but also provided an opportunity to learn about the cultural significance of these films.

As the early summer breeze rustles through the curtains, Wang Xuexue’s open-air cinema continues to touch the hearts of the community. His dedication and love for this nostalgic form of entertainment remind us of the profound impact movies can have on our lives.

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