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RHUDE 2023 autumn and winter series big show officially debut | Hypebeast

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RHUDE 2023 autumn and winter series big show officially debut | Hypebeast

Rhuigi Villaseñor’s personal brand RHUDE officially released the 2023 autumn and winter series show, turning the show into an important place for childhood memories – a gas station, and turning the luxurious life of personal dreams into reality through revisiting. After announcing his first Bally show last year, this time Rhuigi returned to Los Angeles to invite the public to appreciate the latest autumn and winter series of RHUDE 2023. When the guests entered the venue, they saw a Lamborghini with the word RHUDE coming to welcome them. .

The venue design and inspiration for the RHUDE 2023 autumn and winter series come from the fantasy years of Rhuigi’s childhood and friends: “Everyone will hang out at the gas station, dreaming of driving a good car, creating a brand, and living a luxurious life. I think I With such a fast-paced life, it’s important to keep your feet on the ground and get back to basics and roots.”

This series can see the dazzling brilliance of nostalgic and modern elements. It retains the mature and elegant tone represented by RHUDE’s iconic loose silhouette, and timely adds styles such as heavy machinery, cars and basketball. Find a balance point that can represent the style of Los Angeles. In addition, you can also see a variety of Lamborghini joint designs, successfully putting on new clothes for this traditional brand.

Rhuigi focuses on the popular Y2K aesthetics, which coincides with his personal growth experience. By digging out important memory fragments for rare and precious inspiration, this creative process is terrifying and full of sensibility.

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