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Shifting from Appearance to Value: A Call for Change in Film and Television Creation

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Film and television creation should shift from advocating appearance to exploring value

Recently, a trend has emerged in the film and television industry where works starring good-looking actors have gained popularity for their visual appeal. However, these productions have received criticism for their shallow plots and lack of depth in characters. This has sparked a discussion within the industry about the overemphasis on appearance in creating content.

The focus on appearance in film and television is not a new phenomenon. While it is natural to consider aesthetics in visual arts, prioritizing appearance over substance can hinder the artistic quality and message of a work. Many creators have been using appearance as the main criteria for casting, leading to a “beauty pageant” approach where actors are chosen based on looks rather than talent or suitability for the role. This has resulted in characters being compromised to highlight the appearance of the actors, leading to unrealistic plotlines and distorted portrayals.

The obsession with looks in film and television has also led actors to prioritize their appearance over their performance. Some actors are reluctant to take on roles that do not showcase their good looks, while others rely heavily on makeup and cosmetic enhancements to maintain a flawless image on screen. This trend has contributed to a lack of innovation in storytelling and character development, as creators opt for superficial appeal over substance.

To measure the success of film and television, it is essential to focus on the intrinsic value of a work. Works that offer emotional depth, meaningful themes, and practical significance are more likely to resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact. While visually appealing content may garner immediate attention, it is the depth and substance of a work that truly defines its artistic value.

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In order to shift from advocating appearance to exploring value, film and television creators must prioritize moral ethics, noble aesthetic pursuits, and a deep connection to the lives of the people they aim to portray. By delving into the true beauty of humanity and conveying powerful messages through their work, creators can move beyond the superficial and create art that resonates on a deeper level.

As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for creators to reflect on their approach to storytelling and content creation. By embracing a more meaningful and authentic approach to their work, film and television creators can inspire audiences, provoke thought, and contribute to a richer cultural landscape.

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