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Shine because of love, “The Glitter Band” starts a journey of exploration of musical expression_guangming.com

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Since December 25th, a brand-new music and cultural program “Flashing Band” has appeared on Zhejiang Satellite TV. In this new music variety show, musicians will participate in the performance music festival in the form of a band. They will constantly run in and reorganize in the process, collide with a piece of music that breaks through the classics, and finally form a shining band. In the first phase of the program, “Flash Convenor” Hua Shao, “Flash Producer” Zhang Yadong and many “Flash Musicians” formally assembled to gather in the music community to find their own musical confidants and prepare for a “Flash” event. stage.

As a brand-new original music variety show, “Flash Band” boldly tries the new competition system and format of music programs, and attaches importance to the attitude and temperature of music expression in the music aesthetics. The show invites a number of flash musicians with different styles and strengths. The musicians can form different music partners through mutual understanding and selection, and challenge the adaptation of classic songs in the form of bands. Speak and speak with strength. The three hundred flash fans in the audience will also vote for flash musicians to increase their vocal value according to their preferences, and musicians with the highest vocal value will be given priority to select teammates. At the same time, musicians who receive an invitation to form a team also have the right to refuse, which makes the competition system more watchable and the audience will have more expectations for watching.

While innovating the form of the program, “Flash Band” does not ignore the musical quality and professionalism of a music variety show, and focuses on highlighting the musical quality of the program, and strives to balance the viewability and musicality of the program. At the beginning of the first program, “Flash Convenor”, “Flash Producer” and “Flash Musician” all explained their expectations for coming to the show and their pursuit and love for music, emphasizing that music itself is the soundtrack. The foundation of the foundation. Afterwards, flash musicians immediately entered the state and showed their musical style, instrument strength and stage expressiveness in the shortest time through group performances. Whether it’s pop, rock, rap, or national style, folk music, instrumental music or even electronic music, flash music people have outstanding musical performances in various fields, such as bright fireworks blooming on the stage, and the show’s treatment is established as soon as they appear. Professional attitude to music.

“Flashing Band” advocates compatible and inclusive musical fun and mobilizes multi-dimensional music resources to create a program brand IP. The show invites flash musicians from different music systems, categorizes them into groups, and performs performances. Some of them have the sound of nature, while others are mainly instrumental. Some are originally band members, and some have never been exposed to the band form, but all musicians who come to the stage are all interested in the inclusive and diverse band model. Rock veterans, rappers, powerful singers, instrumentalists, national style players… These musicians of different styles, different ages, and good at different instruments gathered in the “Flash Band” music community, regardless of style or form. , Continuously carry out cross-industry cooperation and experimentation, and exchange music ideas freely and casually. The differences between each other, on the contrary, prompt musicians to touch different sparks of inspiration on the stage, making “Flash Band” present a multi-dimensional and diverse active state.

“Flash Band” does not blindly pursue hot spots, but focuses on the essence of music. Unlike the usual music variety shows, “Flash Band” has no tutors. All flash musicians are contestants. The musicians are concert friends, abandoning rules and regulations. Flash musicians include not only predecessors like Zhang Chu, but also well-recognized popular singers, as well as talented rookies with unstoppable talents. Flash musicians of different qualifications compete on the same stage, bringing the spirit of freedom and music to the extreme. All of them put on an equal footing, put aside impetuous thoughts, and showed the audience what they love most and what they do best. It can be said that “Flash Band” took many considerations into consideration when selecting musicians, but it mainly started from the type and quality of music, and tried to get rid of the shackles of “flow” and focused on the purity of the music itself.

Judging from the programs that have been broadcast, the music lineup is sufficiently professional and strong. It not only invited strong professional singers and skilled band players, but also recruited a variety of music producers. For example, there is a gold medal music producer like Zhang Yadong who escorts the music quality of the show, and accompanies the flash musicians to rehearse and create new music sparks together. Powerful music predecessors meet unique rising stars, the singers of the Sound of Nature meet the producer of Dian Shi Chengjin, singers, musicians and producers work together on the same stage, so that the strength of music is the only pass, and the charm of the team can be maximized With energy.

The entire season of the show will be transformed into a journey for musicians to find a confidant, returning to the traditional musical aesthetics of “seeking a confidant in the mountains and flowing water”. In traditional Chinese concepts, music has become more and more radiant due to the existence of intimate friends. The soulmate culture is also the source of inspiration for this music culture program. Instead of treating “Flashing Band” as a traditional music competition program, it is better to treat it as a journey of dialogue on musical attitudes of multiple flash musicians. The music partners will complete the gorgeous stage of adapting the songs together, bringing the most shocking works to the audience, and leaving the beautiful music memories to themselves. Only with a close friend and a close friend can you create the most extreme music. The “Flashing Band” program itself is a communication hub, helping musicians remove communication barriers, bring their souls closer, and smash new musical inspirations.

This brand-new music program mode adds a lot of highlights and highlights to “Flash Band”. Every flash musician has an ideal soulmate in his mind, but it is a completely unknown question whether the other party will choose himself in the same way. Compared with the show’s final stage presentation, the subtle interaction between the musicians, the emotional communication, and the sharing and resonance of the music during the process are also the wonderful details of this music show worth seeing. The clue to search for a “two-way” music confidant will run through the whole season of “The Flash Band”, and will inject a humanistic feeling and musical vitality full of gentle tension into the wonderful stage.

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