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spotlight | olli schulz – wienkonzert.com

olli schulz“ was born on October 15, 1973 as Oliver Marc Schulz in Hamburg and grew up there, first with his great-grandparents and then with his parents. He began studying media studies, but failed. He initially worked as a stage hand and roadie for various artists until his long-time friend Marcus Wiebuch persuaded him to release a record on his label. In 2003 he finally published under the name “Olli Schulz and his dog Marie“ (together with max schröder) the album “If you break my heart, I’ll break your legs“. The second album “the beige album” and 2006 “waiting for the boomerang„.

When Max Schröder became a permanent member of “Tomte”, Olli Schulz often appeared alone from 2005 onwards. He therefore released his fourth album “es brennt so beautifully” as a solo artist. In 2009 he took part in the Bundesvision Song Contest and took fifth place – with the song “Mach den Bibo” he entered the charts for the first time.

In 2012 the fifth album “sos – save olli schulz“, 2015 the album “feelings from the ashes” and 2018 “shit life, well told“. Now the eighth studio album by “Olli Schulz” is almost in the starting blocks, which motivated the jack-of-all-trades to simply go on tour before its release. and jack of all trades because people love him not only because of his music, but also because of all his other activities: together with jan böhmermann, olli schulz creates the podcast “firm and fluffy”, olli schulz is an actor and olli schulz is a radio presenter also on television. He can do everything and always does it with a lot of humor.

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That’s why a visit to an Olli Schulz concert is more than a concert: it is the self-presentation of a person who can do a lot of things and always stays down to earth and spices everything he does with a lot of humor. That’s why the gig in the Vienna Arena has long since been sold out. For next time all that’s left to say is: be quick, Olli Schulz is rightly in demand!

11/19/2023 / olli schulz in the vienna arena (fb event) (sold out)

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