Home Entertainment The deep sea is also the sea of ​​heart, may you have light to save you when you are in the dark

The deep sea is also the sea of ​​heart, may you have light to save you when you are in the dark

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The deep sea is also the sea of ​​heart, may you have light to save you when you are in the dark
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The deep sea is also the sea of ​​heart, may you have light to save you when you are in the dark

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2023-01-26 15:53:18

□Zhang Shuo (Shanxi University)

The Beacon Professional Edition shows that there are currently 7 films scheduled for the 2023 Spring Festival, namely “The Wandering Earth 2”, “Man Jianghong”, “Deep Sea”, “Unnamed”, “Exchanging Life”, “Chinese Ping Pong: The Jedi Counterattack” and “Bear Infested Companion”. My Bear “Core””, the theme covers comedy, science fiction, history, sports, animation, etc. (January 25, China News Network)

As one of the few animation films, “Deep Sea” which took 7 years to prepare will bring a visual feast to the audience: the first “particle ink” technology outlines the gorgeous and colorful world of the deep sea. The sense of fantasy and imagination of the film is really amazing, creating an unprecedented big screen spectacle. Its plot is also different from the happy ending of traditional Spring Festival movies. Under the shell of fantasy adventure, it carries the discussion of “life”. At the moment when the per capita “emotional illness” is present, the audience can easily find resonance in “Deep Sea”: I hope everyone can untie the “knot” and find “life”. The exit of life”, I hope you and I will “smile from now on, all sincerely”.

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The film uses the combination of fantasy and reality. In the film, the reality is a gloomy and depressing atmosphere, and the dream is colorful and beautiful. On this day, the whole family boarded the “Sirius” cruise ship to celebrate that his half-brother was about to enter kindergarten, but no one remembered that it was also Bisuku’s birthday except for the blessing text messages automatically sent by the merchant. At night, on the stormy sea, he accidentally fell into the deep sea. The clown “Nan He” on the cruise ship was buried in the belly of the fish in order to save Sansuke ashore. Sensu on the hospital bed strayed into a magnificent and colorful illusion, the cruise ship turned into a “deep sea hotel”, the clown Nanhe transformed into the owner of the restaurant, all the underwater animals turned into human appearances, and the underwater world was full of brilliance. After falling into the illusion, Shensuke always wanted to find his mother. In order to protect the “Sea Spirit” who guides the direction, he broke into the restaurant. However, Shensuke, who was already too sensible, buried a lot of grievances in his heart, and often attracted “frustrated ghosts”. In order to solve the problems caused by Sansuke and win praise from customers, he stayed in the restaurant to help the kitchen and was finally accepted as a part of the “Deep Sea”. In this fantasy adventure, Nanhe accompanied the unhappy Sansuke to defeat the “frustrated ghost” and felt the warmth, broke through the shackles of the heart knot, and learned to smile from the heart.

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The heroine “Sansuke” is a sensitive little girl who lives around everyone but is so ordinary that it is easy to be ignored. His parents divorced and his father reorganized the family, so Shensu felt that he was an outsider. He missed his mother but was afraid of being disturbed. He could only type in and delete it in the chat box. He was used to putting other people’s feelings above his own. He was too sensible and hid himself in the red The hoodie isolates the crowd, and she is withdrawn at school. She went to the hospital for an examination, and the doctor diagnosed her with depression, but her father didn’t take it seriously. My father’s reaction is actually in line with the Chinese public’s rejection of mental illness. There are still some people in today’s society who equate mental illness with neurosis, think that high-sensitivity people are moaning without pain, and label depression as “squeamish” and “everyone is in a bad mood.” When” and other prejudice labels, ignoring the harm of depression to the mental health of high-sensitivity people. In fact, compared with other severe mental illnesses, depression can be completely cured through drug treatment, psychotherapy, etc. The earlier the treatment, the more effective it is. The appearance of Nanhe made the dejected Biju reconcile with the knot in his heart step by step, and sprinkled a beam of warm light in Shensu’s gloomy heart. “Deep Sea” outlines the beautiful deep-sea world through colorful pictures, and puts niche themes such as native family, depression, and high sensitivity on the screen, allowing high-sensitivity people who have experienced struggle, being denied, misunderstood, and isolated to get a better experience. Resonate, get healed in the film, draw strength to stay kind and brave, and finally break through the darkness and smile at life.

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Life is an adventure, maybe the problem you want to solve is difficult, maybe the world is gray sometimes, not as colorful as in the dream, but there is always a ray of light waiting for you! Even if it’s just for a brief moment. “When you meet a depressed ghost, defeat him”, break through the bondage of the heart, don’t lock yourself up, don’t need to deny yourself, don’t be too sensible, don’t laugh if you don’t want to laugh, cry out loud if you want to cry, and crash into the dark world of light forever won’t go away.

Source: Red Net

Author: Zhang Shuo

Editor: Tian Dezheng

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