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The movie “One Blade of Heaven” first exposed the character stills Duan Yihong Shi Peng Yuan interprets high-quality crime movies_TOM Entertainment

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Recently, a film produced by Jia Zhangke, directed by Huang Chaoliang, starring Duan Yihong and Shi Pengyuan, starring Gong Beibi and Wen Moyan, friendly starring Zheng Chuyi and Zhang Bowen, special starring Sha Baoliang and Shao Bing“One Blade of Heaven”The first role stills. In the stills, the character images are presented one by one, and the character modeling and scenes all reflect that the film is a crime genre. The actor’s intense performance state has a strong impact, which arouses the audience’s attention to the role and anticipation of the story.

(Photo: actor Duan Yihong and actor Gong Beibi)

The movie “One Blade of Heaven” was launched in August 2020 and appeared in the “Pingyao Anticipation Link” at the Pingyao International Film Festival in the same year. The film tells the story of the restaurant owner (played by Duan Yihong) who lost his relatives to chase the murderer for seven years and met a young man (played by Speng Yuan) with a complicated life experience. Amidst suspicion and temptation, the relationship between the two is gradually moving in an unexpected direction. develop.

Duan Yihong chasing the murderer in the rain, Peng Yuan suffered a kidnapping character stills reveal the plot of the “crime”

The movie

(Photo: actor Duan Yihong)

The movie

(Picture: Actor Speng Yuan)

The character stills exposed for the first time show the state of many characters in the movie in the plot, making the audience want to dig out the story behind the characters in many details of the screen. The two different shapes of Duan Yihong in the stills are in contrast. The short hair is dignified, and Gong Beibi is in pain and aphasia in his arms. His exquisite interpretation is moving; the medium and long hair in the rain looks unkempt and his eyes show loss and despair. The front and back modeling contrast reveals the rich changes in the content of the plot. The stills show that the character played by Spengyuan is covered with mud, his hands and feet are tied, his expression is painful, his eyes are full of fear, and he is struggling.

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The movie

(Photo: actor Sha Baoliang)

The movie

(Photo: actor Shao Bing)

The movie

(Photo: actor Wen Moyan)

The other characters in the stills also have their own characteristics. Sha Baoliang, dressed in a raincoat, wears a black hat, and his lips are closed. The villain is full of vibes. The actor Shao Bing raised his gun and stared upright, lighting up his positive image of perseverance and bravery just right. Actor Wen Moyan puts his hands together, the costumes and styles of ethnic minorities are very eye-catching, unique and full of mystery in Yunnan. These vivid characters reveal a lot of plot details under the background of multiple scenes, highlighting the unique criminal texture of the “One Blade of Heaven” genre.

The strength lineup staged the moment of chasing the murderer, the gold medal team created a crime story

It is reported that Duan Yihong and Shi Pengyuan have a large number of opponents in the film. One is an internationally renowned tough guy acting school, and the other is a new “hidden” star who is just showing off. The powerful movie emperor and the cute new actor are on the same stage. This is undoubtedly a wonderful pursuit. The fierce story adds to the spectacle. And Gong Beibi, a powerful actor who is married to Duan Yihong’s classmates outside the play, has tears in his face and a fragile and helpless state in the stills, which is very contagious. Her joining has made the film more anticipated. In the film, Sha Baoliang will again use the villain role to prove to the audience the successful transformation of a singer into a powerful actor. The well-known actor Shao Bing plays the role of a policeman in the film, and the new-generation actor Wen Moyan is the spokesperson of local folk customs in Yunnan in the film.

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The main creators of this crime film can also be called the “star” lineup. Director of photography Yu Liwei, whose work has been nominated for Cannes, Venice, Busan and other international film festivals, has also won the Hong Kong Film Awards and other best photography awards. Lighting director Huang Zhiming has worked with director Wang Jiawei many times. His works include “Happy Together”, “Chongqing Forest”, “Gathering at Southern Station” and so on. The sound director Du Duzhi is recognized as a world-class film recording engineer. He has worked with Yang Dechang and Hou Xiaoxian many times, and his classic works are countless. A group of outstanding behind-the-scenes creators work together to escort the quality of this film.

The movie “One Blade of Heaven” was produced by Momo Pictures Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Nuanliu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The film has now been filmed and is in the post-production stage. It is expected to be released in 2022.


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