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The results of the municipal elections of Córdoba

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The results of the municipal elections of Córdoba

The polling stations closed at 6:00 p.m. in 88 municipalities and communes of the province of Córdoba that sought this Sunday to define their next authorities. In some cases they will be decided by vote and in others they will be proclaimed directly after having agreed on a single list, according to data from the local Electoral Court.

The electoral calendar of the 427 Cordoba municipalities began on March 19 with elections in La Falda. Some 227 of these interior administrations will vote simultaneously with the provincial elections on June 25, and the rest on different dates until July 23.

Below, one by one, the departments in which there were municipal elections this Sunday, June 4:

Elections in Calamuchita Department


The Caleras: Justicialist Néstor González won automatically, by presenting a single list of candidates.

the condors

The Rearts

Santa Rosa de Calamuchita: Ehe candidate Eduardo Martín will become the first radical mayor in history in the city. He defeated the official David Layus, who was seeking to replace the current Peronist municipal chief Claudio Chavero.

Villa Amancay

Villa City Park

Villa Quillinzo

Elections in Colon Department

Tyrolean colony

Colonia Vicente Aguero

The Calera: The candidate Fernando Rambaldi of Juntos por el Cambio prevailed by less than 100 votes over Pablo Morán, from the dissident Justicialism. Third was the current mayor Facundo Rufeil, from Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba.

Unquillo: The pro-government candidate Guillermo Valli, from Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, won by more than 3 points, defeating the radical Gabriela Farías.

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Elections in Cruz del Axis Department

cane cross

the brete

dead guanaco

The FIG tree


Half orange


Villa de Soto: The UCR retained the mayorship with María José Acuña, who prevailed by more than 150 votes over her co-religionists Néstor Romero and Edgard Zorzenón.

Elections in General Roca Department


Huinca Renanco: Lucía Bolaños, from Together for Change, won with 53% of the votes.

Elections in General San Martín Department



The lagoon

the palestine

Uncle Pujio

Elections in Juárez Celman Department


Elections in Marcos Juárez Department

Green Island

Elections in Pocho Department

the palms

Los Talares


Village of Pocho: After the opposition Nito Vega withdrew his candidacy, the current community president Melisa Oviedo (UCR-Together for Change) was re-elected without the need for a vote.

Elections in Roque Sáenz Peña Department

General Lavalle

Elections in Elections in Punilla

Bialet Massé: Ehe candidate for Together for Change, Augusto Reina, defeated Leonardo Oliva, who had been seeking to replace his father Marcelo since December.


Mount Chapel: Mayor Fabricio Diaz was re-elected as mayor, beating dissident Justicialist Marcelo Rodríguez by more than 250 votes. The radical Ana Buffoni was placed third.

cosquin: The opponent Raúl Cardinalli, a Kirchnerist official and director of PAMI, prevailed by 79 votes over the official candidate Andrea Montes, wife of the current mayor Gabriel Musso, who has a close political relationship with the provincial government.

old stay

icho cruz

The top: The Kirchnerista Pablo Alicia narrowly defeated the Juntos por el Cambio candidate, Marta Pérez, the libertarian Facundo Cepeda Tadeo and the ally of the provincial government, Gabriel Lozano.

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Mayu Sumaj

San Roque

Santa Maria

Tala Huasi

Beautiful valley: The radical Daniel Spadoni won, beating the Kirchnerist Gabriel Caserio, who was seeking to succeed his father Jorge.

Garden Villa

Siquiman Park Villa

Villa Rio Icho Cruz

Elections in Elections in Río Cuarto Department


Alpa Corral

They will return

Colonel Baigorria

the captive


Mount of the Gauchos


Santa Catalina – Holmberg


Vicuna Mackenna: The current mayor Roberto Casari, of Together for Change, was re-elected.

Elections in Río Seco Department

castro post

sebastian elcano

Villa Candelaria North

Elections in Río Segundo Department


Calchin West


the joints


Pilar: Mayor Leopoldo Grumstrup was reelected. He defeated the justicialist Luis Denarys by more than 12 points difference.

Villa del Rosario: Ehe Juntos por el Cambio candidate, Diego Carballo, won by a wide margin. He took more than fifteen points difference from the Justicialista Nadir Nifury.

Elections in San Justo Department

Colony Prosperity

Elections in Santa María Department



Villa San Isidro

Elections in Department Third Above

Third River: With low participation, the current mayor of Together for Change, the radical Marcos Ferrer, prevailed.

Elections in Tulumba Department

San Jose de la Dormida

Elections in Union Department

Justinian Possession

The borders

italian people

Saint Anthony of Litin

Elections in Ischilin Department

Dean Funes: The official Andrea Nievas prevailed with almost 50% of the votes. In second place, with almost 30%, was Tania Kishakevych, from Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba and, third, Adriana Ruarte, from Together for Change.

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