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This is the new installment of this classic video game

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This is the new installment of this classic video game

Street Fighter 6 is a godsend of a video game. It relies on the history of the saga to evolve and relaunch the standards of what a fighting title should have as a minimum. Street Fighter 6 It’s friendly to casual gamers, it’s an award-winning teacher for gamers who yearn to get involved in the competitive arena, and it’s also great for hardcore gamers, those obsessive for detail and depth.

The “everything” for everyone is divided into three variants that give inclusion amplitude and offer. On the one hand, World Tour, which works to create an avatar and develop it in a kind of open world. For another, Battle Hub, available to enter the hostile online world of competitions and the also lively environment of communities with the created avatar. And finally, Figthing Grounds, ready to be the paradise of those who enjoy the offline variant.

A staff of 18 characters is in this first step of Street Fighter 6. It features the celebs Ryu and Ken, Honda and Zangief, plus the new additions of JP, Manon, Marisa and Lily.

Obviously all the content would be an empty body without the soul: the playable. And there Capcom also gives the stature: Street Fighter 6 It can be the game that requires an artisan execution of commands to apply combos and, equally, the game that becomes an intuitive process of automation by pressing buttons.

The thing is Capcom has the classic control, the one with the six buttons, the one to make the “u” for the hadoken, for example. And also give a modern controlwhich allows those powers to be fixed on buttons, simplifying the action.

In some magical way, with that modern commandwho takes a character from Street Fighter 6 He feels after a few minutes inside the world of this video game, kicking and punching with freshness. Here below a sample of that modern control.

For so many virtues it is that Street Fighter 6 It is one of the essential video games of 2023. And it is available for PC (via Steam for $59.99), Playstation 5 (the version we played, which is worth $59.99) and Xbox Series X and S (9737 pesos). .

Below we detail its modes. We do it with our own commented videos and also with audiovisual content from influencers.

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The playable of Street Fighter 6: this is the combat

“Round 1, fight!”, that is heard and the adrenaline rises. It is the time of the gamer life of millions of people on the planet. It’s fight time in Street Fighter. And in Street Fighter 6 it’s better than ever. Before words, this gameplay video with a fight between Luke and Ryu.

What is obvious is what it feels like to have the joystick in hand: fluidity, weight, forcefulness. And sustained at a fair pace, not frantic or slow. Right everywhere. The animations of the characters are ultra successful. The kicks and the extension of the legs. The blows of fists and their impacts on the rival bodies. That substance gives immersion.

Power-ups and cinematics are added to the fights, which fly between vivid colors that cross the screen. It does not have strictly violent overtones, rather aesthetic. And that it is a fighting game.

Regardless of classic or modern control, much of the combat will be focused on the use of blows Drivewhich use the energy bar that is seen below the usual energy bar of the resistance of the characters.

The Drive gauge has six slots and is filled from the start of the fight. Not that it’s necessary to embed combos to fill that Drive. No, it’s starting, which is quite a decision in a video game that asks for decisions by seconds.

These Drives have names: Impact (two hits that damage the opponent), Rush (an attack after canceling a rival attack), Parry (absorbs the opponent’s damage and if executed at the exact moment, leaves the enemy for the slap), Reversal (cuts the animation of the other’s special attack).

Beyond technical issues, what you need to know is that they come out “on their own” without having to pay too much attention when using modern control. They are used to set up counterattacks, to produce combos, to make the opponent dizzy, to corner or to get out of the corner. In other words, with the evolution of combat these Drives are sprouting.

In the video below, you see that dynamic.

It is possible to read a bible of content about the Drive system in the huge tutorials that the game has. And surely learning its keys will make the difference between casual gamers and professional, competitive ones.

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The Drive system is a matter of strategy that gives variety to combat and avoids excessive speculation. The mechanics are integrated into the whole playable and are making a complete and attractive proposal.


The variety of characters is balanced, enough to provide options for many playstyles. From what they attack from afar, to those who are pure power. In the middle and on the sides of those options, there is what is necessary.

The 18 characters are Blanka, Cammy, Chun-Li, Dee Jay, Honda, Dhalsim, Guile, JP, Jamie, Juri, Kimberly, Ken and Lily, Manon, Luke, Marisa, Ryu and Zangief.

It’s beautiful how Capcom gives them that personality between grotesque and funny, between exaggerated and powerful. The big ones are big, the nimble ones are a rock. Blanka looks like a baby Hulk, Honda is a chubby as adorable as he is a destroyer, Zangief is an opulent giant, Dhalsim is a cool old man who stretches, Chun Li is combative status and so on.

Each one stands out for a trait. In Street Fighter, in addition to the usefulness of the character, it was always a matter of representation. And in this edition, the personality of each one is forcefully exploited.

In the following video you can see the aesthetics of each of the 18 characters.

Street Fighter 6 game modes

The game is turned on and the first game mode that appears, from left to right, is the World Tour. His proposal is to create an avatar and take it around a city to fulfill missions and objectives and tasks that raise the level of the character. It has a story and that story tells the story of the characters in Street Fighter 6.

The avatar can train with Chun Li or Ken and will assimilate the playing styles of each character he meets. In this relationship, a kind of role-playing game is applied, which is handled in the third person in transit through the semi-open world, but which at the time of the fight takes place in 2D.

The core of the experience is fighting and learning. It is a kind of mega tutorial to go practicing and perfecting the avatar. Criticism, it’s kind of boring to come and go. And the cinematics are poor. Here, in this commented video, you can see the start of the mode World Tour.

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The mode in the middle of that home screen is the Battle Hub. Its goal is to provide a wide range of online experiences. From the simple one, that of a one-on-one fight with a character from the squad of Street Fighter 6 until our avatar clashes with other avatars. Or also be in online tournaments or simply watch fights from other users.

And interact with them of course. It is a great living room to interact. And it also has a gadget: there are consoles with classic Capcom games, like the Final Fight. In the La Voz experience, it was terrifying to find a game on the Latin American server.

For each fight there are rewards and they are used to dress the avatar and change its appearance. I mean, there’s a lot to do and it’s obviously going to be where Street Fighter 6 progresses in the coming months.

In the following video, how the Battle Hub.

The other variant is Fighting Grounds, which has what it takes for those who play when they can, how they can. That said, the paradise of the offline. The classic arcade mode, the one played with chips in the ’90s. It is choosing a character and going through phases. There are also the tutorials, the hit list and the combo training. There is plenty to learn how to play with each character.

You have to pay attention and play with tension for that improvement, it’s true. Another outstanding aspect is the one that allows you to choose obstacles in matches, such as putting a drone or having a bull appear in the middle of the fight. Here the own video of The voice showing this mode.

Street Fighter 6 It is this immensity of options, of variants, of dynamics. It is the total fighting game at this point in a 2023 waiting for the new Mortal Kombat. It was never more beautiful to be a gamer than in these times. Never.

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